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I like reading small print and food labels. Sometimes I do it for other people. Opinions my own. Forever DYOR. That's the way my cookie crumbles. 👨‍🔬☣️🌐❌
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20 Jun
1/ Dear #Twiiter, thank you for staying tuned. Today we'll have a look at 1993 Pfizer patent WO1993023422 (same were later registered in Au and Ca) pertaining "therapeutic" chimeric S (spike) protein, based on Feline Infectious Peritonitis Virus and Feline Enteric Coronavirus. ImageImageImageImage
2/ It does have a lot of interesting ideas. Like ways of amplifying host's immune response and adding enzymatic cleavage site (#COVID19, you're 26 years late). The idea is to immunize introducing a (chimeric) spike protein via a vector. Let's see how it went worked out with cats. ImageImageImageImage
3/🐈‍⬛ Almost every cat has Feline Coronavirus (fCoV) that can develop into Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). People love cats, so (naturally) they tried to vaccinate them against coronavirus. Now, this is getting kind of weird. 'Cause in 1987 it was already known as a bad idea. Image
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20 Jun
1/ Let's "follow the science" on a certain (very well paid) #pandemic specialist with 50+ years of experience. I'll repeat my question for #Fauci - you had 17 years to prepare. Most of decision-making intel was out there for over a decade. Are you a monster, or are you a moron?👇
2/ SARS. Airborne, airborne, airborne - over and over again. (Current) SARS-2 is same thing but on steroids, so what are the chances it's applicable? 16 years to figure out the masks theater (if we ignore Influenza and other pandemics #Fauci had 57 years to study pre-#COVID19).👇
3/ A random paper on Personal Protective Equipment. "Mask/respirator availability can also be crucial in the context of emerging respiratory infection threats to HCWs where effective pharmaceutical interventions may not be available, e.g. .. SARS epidemic"…
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18 Jun
☣️1/ Timeline proving UNC been constructing SARS #coronavirus chimeras since AT LEAST 2006 (!), bent on producing live attenuated vaccine (or offing us all, depends on how you see it). Thank you, Dr. #Fauci!

Please hold "Pandora's box" of public discussion wide open on this one.
2/ 2006:
a. Look at "we need a LAV because lab leaks of epidemic strains happen"
b. List of vaccine problems, including ADE (mentioning 1992 pub on fCoV)
c. Construction of pandemic-level chimeric icGDO3-S "challenge virus" with spike from 2003 SARS case… ImageImageImageImage
3/ This lab has a history of leaks. Like SARS mice escapes. Extremely humanised BLT-L were invented c. 2019, but we just don't know what those "simpler" 2014 mice were carrying - killler chimeras or live vaccine variants. Or if lab staff got infected.

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7 Jun
1/ OMG. Watch this one closely.

First, the video w/ #GoFfather #Fauci announcing the new rules on #GainOfFunction (aptly named "Potential #Pandemic") Pathogens:
a. "NIH's now gonna do dangerous research? No! As a matter of fact this is exactly the opposite"😮
b. "Now, why is this different from everything else we've been doing?"...and #Fauci talks about publishing indecisions and bad press, about "going upstream" and "decisions made by government funding". It looks like it's about improving the image. But when you look closer...
3/ Now, let's have a look at the new Potential #Pandemic Preparedness Care and Oversight (P3CO) "Framework for Guiding Funding Decisions about Proposed Research Involving Enhanced Potential Pandemic Pathogens".

It is going to be a VERY interesting read.… Image
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28 May
1/ I think saying that NIH financially sponsored #WuhanLab is same as saying that #China, a #world superpower, could not afford it. So who did the #money really go to? Let's look at the interests of the main #actors here. Just a thought #experiment based on insufficient data. 🧐
2/ Enter "A" (the U.S.), "B" (#China) and "C" (NIH/UNC/EcoHealth GoF Network):
- A is all high-tech and #scientific breakthroughs;
- B (naturally) partially emulates that and got a permanent hard-on for blueprints;
- C loves grants, fundraising, publications, #fame and new toys.
3/ C reaches out to B and says "how about we get you bleeding edge #virus #design #tech and make it look completely legit?" What was #China supposed to say? "No, thank you, we're good?"
What's in it for A? Well, the U.S. can provide grants to C to work on how to get more grants. Image
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26 May
Dear @RandPaul, @HouseIntel, @cathymcmorris, @pallonefornj, in his letter in @washingtonpost NIH Deputy Director Lawrence A. Tabak might have a little "misled" you. Sure, GoF grants are disguised but sometimes it really shows. Database is open access btw.… ImageImage
EcoHealth. You don't have to be a PhD to see that someone's either blissfully unaware of what's going on under their reign or just covering up. Either way, those bats didn't ask US taxpayers to take their anal swabs and do GoF experiments on the samples.

Oh, and "animal models"? NIH specifically reverted the 2014 @BarackObama GoF ban re SARS and MERS mice models development. In many ways the new mice are SAME AS HUMANS. This is why they are called "humanised mice" after all. Implications? Figure it out. ☣️
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22 May
1/5 Been over a year & I'm STILL curious re trypsin inhibitors v. #COVID19. Why:
a. Japan "anomaly". Soy is part of the local diet.
b. Turns out that soybean Kunitz trypsin inhibitors (SKTIs) also inhibit elastase & others
c. Trypsin-fibrinogen
d. SKTIs inhibit prothrombin
e. ⬇️
2/5⬆️ Was asking around a year ago, haven't got a single reply yet. Maybe it was obvious it was a bad idea, but not for me. Well, I'm tagging u guys, so don't hesitate to DM me & call me an idiot. 🤗
@journal_dna @kaggieguy @DecrolyE @ChristosArgyrop @taylorswift13 @ydeigin
⬇️ ImageImage
3/5⬆️ I believe this might be connected to:
1. Lung damage (elastase)
2. Blood clotting (trypsin=> prothrombin)
3. Spike configuration (trypsin, other proteases)
4. Better cell entry (trypsin)
4. Gastrointestinal symptoms (trypsin)
@Dmdufy @R_H_Ebright @dr_tingate @danaparish
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26 Mar 20
I just published C-19. Part One: The Chimera Protocol. It's not 100% ready but I feel like I'd better publish it before I fall asleep. They got to #stopscrewingup, seriously.
1/ Okay, since nobody appears to be interested, I'll just rehash points and timeline from my #Medium post about all pre- #COVID19 #research #US & #China did for "#pandemic preparedness". Proofs only, and if u think it's #fakenewscovid19, read the post and check out on the links.
2009-2010: #H1N1 #SwineFlu #pandemic claimed "between 151,700 and 575,400 people" worldwide according to the CDC.

2011: Humanity generally stopped giving a f..k even though the #virus kept coming back.

Did the lesson go to waste? There was plenty of warning on #COVID2019.
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