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Jan 14
Thread con'td To @websummit Board, you know anything of corporate governance? I can understand Tesla putting up with the likes of Musk as they get his genius. But Cosgrave? I have a few wedding planner mates who are out of work at and could do his job for half the price. To @websummit employees, my sympathies. If you want to, feel free to continue to post your experiences on Glassdoor. Former employees, go one further a drop a mail to a journo or newspaper of your choice in Ireland.
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Jan 14
Apologies to any followers who follow me for market stuff. Please disregard. I just have to put together a thread on an unrelated matter. Normal service resumes after this. For context, I was doxed by Paddy Cosgrave simply for having opposing political POV. I’m a right-leaning centrist, he is a lunatic. This thread is my reply.
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