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Pranams at the Lotus feet of Grandfather(My Friend, Buddy and Guru). Seeker of Truth & Searcher of Unknown. Mumbaikar by Heart 🥀Donate Blood Save Life🌹
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Feb 21, 2022 7 tweets 70 min read
@sgurumurthy @prafullaketkar @Prof_Hariom @SaveSabrimala @ensine @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @TVMohandasPai @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @DrGPradhan @anuraag_saxena @anujdhar @RatanSharda55 @shakkuiyer @Aabhas24 @madhukishwar @MakrandParanspe @MD_Nalapat @Iyervval @KapilMishra_IND @KanchanGupta @DostKhan_Jammu @HKupdate @PrinceArihan @Sanjay_Dixit @ARanganathan72 @sanjeevsanyal @Indumakalktchi @fgautier26 @ranganaathan @dharmadispatch @meenakshisharan @tathagata2 @girishalva @RudraVS @MNageswarRaoIPS @Swamy39 @RajivMessage @shantanug_ @jsaideepak @vikramsampath A HINDU boy Harsha brutality
Kulled in shivamoga dist of Karnataka, but

All Media cunningly reporting it as
Alleged murder of Bajrang Dal activist @sgurumurthy @prafullaketkar @Prof_Hariom @SaveSabrimala @ensine @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @TVMohandasPai @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @DrGPradhan @anuraag_saxena @anujdhar @RatanSharda55 @shakkuiyer @Aabhas24 @madhukishwar @MakrandParanspe @MD_Nalapat @Iyervval @KapilMishra_IND @KanchanGupta @DostKhan_Jammu @HKupdate @PrinceArihan @Sanjay_Dixit @ARanganathan72 @sanjeevsanyal @Indumakalktchi @fgautier26 @ranganaathan @dharmadispatch @meenakshisharan @tathagata2 @girishalva @RudraVS @MNageswarRaoIPS @Swamy39 @RajivMessage @shantanug_ @jsaideepak @vikramsampath 20 year old Dilbar Negi, chopped and burnt alive by Jihadists in the riots organised by Dr Anwar

25 year old Rinku Sharma lynched and murdered by Muslim neighbours

Now, 26 year old Harsh brutally murdered

Do HINDU lives don't matter??? ImageImageImage
Mar 20, 2021 245 tweets >60 min read
@sgurumurthy @prafullaketkar @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @SaveSabrimala @ensine @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @Swamy39 @TVMohandasPai @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @DrGPradhan @anuraag_saxena @anujdhar @RatanSharda55 @shakkuiyer @Aabhas24 @madhukishwar @MakrandParanspe @vivekagnihotri @MD_Nalapat @Iyervval @KapilMishra_IND @KanchanGupta @DostKhan_Jammu @HKupdate @PrinceArihan @kumarnandaj @Sanjay_Dixit @ARanganathan72 @sanjeevsanyal @M_Lekhi @RajivMessage @mohandastg @jsaideepak 10 days Painkuni(March/April) Festival begins at Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple with kodiyettu - the hoisting of the ceremonial flag.
Huge fibre glass figures of Pandavas placed at the eastern entrance of the Temple. @IndiaTales7 @LostTemple7 ImageImageImageImage @sgurumurthy @prafullaketkar @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @SaveSabrimala @ensine @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @Swamy39 @TVMohandasPai @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @DrGPradhan @anuraag_saxena @anujdhar @RatanSharda55 @shakkuiyer @Aabhas24 @madhukishwar @MakrandParanspe @vivekagnihotri @MD_Nalapat @Iyervval @KapilMishra_IND @KanchanGupta @DostKhan_Jammu @HKupdate @PrinceArihan @kumarnandaj @Sanjay_Dixit @ARanganathan72 @sanjeevsanyal @M_Lekhi @RajivMessage @mohandastg @jsaideepak @IndiaTales7 @LostTemple7 "Velakali" a Rare &Traditional Martial Dance of Kerala Performed during Annual festival at Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple
Depicting a fight sequence between the Pandavas( Idols made of wood and fiber glass erected along eastern entrance of temple)
and Kauravas( 101 performer's)
Jan 25, 2021 127 tweets 1112 min read
@sanjaysriv @sgurumurthy @girishalva @prafullaketkar @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @jspandey_ @SaveSabrimala @ensine @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @HinduAmericans @Swamy39 @TVMohandasPai @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 @DrGPradhan @anuraag_saxena @anujdhar @RatanSharda55 @shakkuiyer @Aabhas24 @madhukishwar @MakrandParanspe @vivekagnihotri @MD_Nalapat @Iyervval @KapilMishra_IND @KanchanGupta @DostKhan_Jammu @HKupdate @PrinceArihan @kumarnandaj @Sanjay_Dixit @ARanganathan72 @sanjeevsanyal @UnSubtleDesi @M_Lekhi Who is Adil Shahryar and why he was exchanged for Warren Anderson, the main accused in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

What's the relationship between Nehru family and Adil Shahryar and his father Mohammad Younus
opindia.com/2019/04/how-di… @sanjaysriv @sgurumurthy @girishalva @prafullaketkar @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @jspandey_ @SaveSabrimala @ensine @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @HinduAmericans @Swamy39 @TVMohandasPai @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 @DrGPradhan @anuraag_saxena @anujdhar @RatanSharda55 @shakkuiyer @Aabhas24 @madhukishwar @MakrandParanspe @vivekagnihotri @MD_Nalapat @Iyervval @KapilMishra_IND @KanchanGupta @DostKhan_Jammu @HKupdate @PrinceArihan @kumarnandaj @Sanjay_Dixit @ARanganathan72 @sanjeevsanyal @UnSubtleDesi @M_Lekhi According to Sickulars
Imposition of Sharia law in a Hindu majority country and destruction of Kashi, Mathura and Somnath temples to build mosques on the sites;
Should not be discussed as it exposes Aurangzeb’s Talibani narrative of Aurangzebiyat

Aug 21, 2020 147 tweets 1352 min read
Jul 24, 2020 25 tweets 262 min read
@sgurumurthy @kanimozhi @girishalva @prafullaketkar @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @jspandey_ @SaveSabrimala @ensine @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @HinduAmericans @Swamy39 @mohandastg @TVMohandasPai @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 @rishibagree @DrGPradhan @anuraag_saxena @anujdhar @majorgauravarya @GeneralBakshi @AskAnshul @RatanSharda55 @shakkuiyer @sanjeevsanyal @RajivMessage @Aabhas24 @madhukishwar @MakrandParanspe @swapan55 @vivekagnihotri @UnSubtleDesi @MD_Nalapat @RakeshSinha01 @Iyervval @KapilMishra_IND @KanchanGupta @DostKhan_Jammu @HKupdate @M_Lekhi @TajinderBagga @ARanganathan72 @ishkarnBHANDARI Delhi Riots: Through Safoora Zargar Islamic Jihadists Won, while

1. Minor HINDU Girls raped and killed

2. Officer's Brutally murdered and dumped in gutter

3. Dilbar Negi attacked, hand's & legs chopped and then burnt alive

But Sickular Media Conveniently Whitewashed all. ImageImageImageImage @sgurumurthy @kanimozhi @girishalva @prafullaketkar @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @jspandey_ @SaveSabrimala @ensine @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @HinduAmericans @Swamy39 @mohandastg @TVMohandasPai @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 @rishibagree @DrGPradhan @anuraag_saxena @anujdhar @majorgauravarya @GeneralBakshi @AskAnshul @RatanSharda55 @shakkuiyer @sanjeevsanyal @RajivMessage @Aabhas24 @madhukishwar @MakrandParanspe @swapan55 @vivekagnihotri @UnSubtleDesi @MD_Nalapat @RakeshSinha01 @Iyervval @KapilMishra_IND @KanchanGupta @DostKhan_Jammu @HKupdate @M_Lekhi @TajinderBagga @ARanganathan72 @ishkarnBHANDARI ‘TMC Queen and Jihadi Didi Mumtaz Banu tries to hide this rape and murder to save her rapist Muslim brothers’…..

Jun 17, 2020 232 tweets >60 min read
@IAmB_Choudhary @Aabhas24 @rvaidya2000 @sgurumurthy @kanimozhi @girishalva @prafullaketkar @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @jspandey_ @SaveSabrimala @ensine @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @HinduAmericans @Swamy39 @mohandastg @TVMohandasPai @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 @rishibagree @DrGPradhan @anuraag_saxena @anujdhar @majorgauravarya @GeneralBakshi @AskAnshul @RatanSharda55 @shakkuiyer @sanjeevsanyal @RajivMessage @madhukishwar @MakrandParanspe @swapan55 @vivekagnihotri @UnSubtleDesi @MD_Nalapat @RakeshSinha01 @Iyervval @KapilMishra_IND @KanchanGupta @DostKhan_Jammu @HKupdate @ReclaimTemples @vishy173 @ishkarnBHANDARI @jgopikrishnan70 If there exists a time machine, all would go 70 years back and erase the name Nehru from History after reading this
postcard.news/exists-time-ma… @IAmB_Choudhary @Aabhas24 @rvaidya2000 @sgurumurthy @kanimozhi @girishalva @prafullaketkar @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @jspandey_ @SaveSabrimala @ensine @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @HinduAmericans @Swamy39 @mohandastg @TVMohandasPai @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 @rishibagree @DrGPradhan @anuraag_saxena @anujdhar @majorgauravarya @GeneralBakshi @AskAnshul @RatanSharda55 @shakkuiyer @sanjeevsanyal @RajivMessage @madhukishwar @MakrandParanspe @swapan55 @vivekagnihotri @UnSubtleDesi @MD_Nalapat @RakeshSinha01 @Iyervval @KapilMishra_IND @KanchanGupta @DostKhan_Jammu @HKupdate @ReclaimTemples @vishy173 @ishkarnBHANDARI @jgopikrishnan70 The Diary of Nehru, Part-1; My Husband will be out tonight – come after 10:00 o’clock: Edwina
May 18, 2020 76 tweets 809 min read
@Maheedhar_ @rvaidya2000 @sgurumurthy @kanimozhi @girishalva @prafullaketkar @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @jspandey_ @SaveSabrimala @ensine @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @HinduAmericans @Swamy39 @mohandastg @TVMohandasPai @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 @rishibagree @DrGPradhan @anuraag_saxena @anujdhar @majorgauravarya @GeneralBakshi @AskAnshul @RatanSharda55 @shakkuiyer @sanjeevsanyal @RajivMessage @Aabhas24 @madhukishwar @MakrandParanspe @swapan55 @vivekagnihotri @UnSubtleDesi @MD_Nalapat @RakeshSinha01 @Iyervval @KapilMishra_IND @KanchanGupta @DostKhan_Jammu @HKupdate @M_Lekhi @TajinderBagga @jgopikrishnan70 Really can't understand what stops PM @narendramodi from declaring "Raam Sethu" as National Monument and bringing "Cow Slaughter Ban Act" @Maheedhar_ @rvaidya2000 @sgurumurthy @kanimozhi @girishalva @prafullaketkar @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @jspandey_ @SaveSabrimala @ensine @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @HinduAmericans @Swamy39 @mohandastg @TVMohandasPai @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 @rishibagree @DrGPradhan @anuraag_saxena @anujdhar @majorgauravarya @GeneralBakshi @AskAnshul @RatanSharda55 @shakkuiyer @sanjeevsanyal @RajivMessage @Aabhas24 @madhukishwar @MakrandParanspe @swapan55 @vivekagnihotri @UnSubtleDesi @MD_Nalapat @RakeshSinha01 @Iyervval @KapilMishra_IND @KanchanGupta @DostKhan_Jammu @HKupdate @M_Lekhi @TajinderBagga @jgopikrishnan70 @narendramodi Thanks to Kejriwal and his MLA Amanatullah Khan, Rohingya Muslims have seized more than 5.2 Acres of Land in Delhi.

Over 300 Families having Aadhar, Ration card..... and there enjoying all facilities
Jan 7, 2020 200 tweets 2139 min read
@sgurumurthy @kanimozhi @HKupdate @girishalva @prafullaketkar @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @jspandey_ @SaveSabrimala @ensine @MaheshJoshi_MJ @jsaideepak @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @HinduAmericans @Swamy39 @vhskerala @mohandastg @TVMohandasPai @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 @rishibagree @DrGPradhan @IndianInterest @anuraag_saxena @AAOLion @anujdhar @PanickarS @majorgauravarya @GeneralBakshi @AskAnshul @RatanSharda55 @shakkuiyer @sanjeevsanyal @RajivMessage @Aabhas24 @madhukishwar @MakrandParanspe @swapan55 @vivekagnihotri @UnSubtleDesi @TarekFatah @MD_Nalapat @RakeshSinha01 @smritiirani @narendramodi #JNU Ruckus: A False Flag Operation To Revive The Anti-CAA Agitation That Is Losing Steam. #JNUVioence #LEFTIST_ARE_TERRORISTS #JNUHiddenTruth #TukdeGangSpotted #JNUTerrorAttack swarajyamag.com/politics/jnu-r… @sgurumurthy @kanimozhi @HKupdate @girishalva @prafullaketkar @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @jspandey_ @SaveSabrimala @ensine @MaheshJoshi_MJ @jsaideepak @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @HinduAmericans @Swamy39 @vhskerala @mohandastg @TVMohandasPai @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 @rishibagree @DrGPradhan @IndianInterest @anuraag_saxena @AAOLion @anujdhar @PanickarS @majorgauravarya @GeneralBakshi @AskAnshul @RatanSharda55 @shakkuiyer @sanjeevsanyal @RajivMessage @Aabhas24 @madhukishwar @MakrandParanspe @swapan55 @vivekagnihotri @UnSubtleDesi @TarekFatah @MD_Nalapat @RakeshSinha01 @smritiirani RS Member and senior journalist Swapan Dasgupta @swapan55 and 70 others locked in by SFI activists in a room in Vishva Bharti during a meeting on CAA: organiser.org/Encyc/2020/1/8…
Dec 19, 2019 246 tweets >60 min read
@sgurumurthy @kanimozhi @HKupdate @girishalva @prafullaketkar @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @jspandey_ @SaveSabrimala @ensine @sagenaradamuni @MaheshJoshi_MJ @jsaideepak @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @HinduAmericans @Swamy39 @vhskerala @mohandastg @TVMohandasPai @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 @rishibagree @DrGPradhan @IndianInterest @anuraag_saxena @AAOLion @anujdhar @PanickarS @majorgauravarya @GeneralBakshi @AskAnshul @RatanSharda55 @shakkuiyer @sanjeevsanyal @RajivMessage @Aabhas24 @madhukishwar @MakrandParanspe @swapan55 @vivekagnihotri @KirenRijiju @UnSubtleDesi @AmitShah Let's make our support Visible and louder👇. #CAA_NRC #IndiaSupportsCAA #CitizenshipAmmendmentAct #HindusSupportCAB Image @sgurumurthy @kanimozhi @HKupdate @girishalva @prafullaketkar @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @jspandey_ @SaveSabrimala @ensine @sagenaradamuni @MaheshJoshi_MJ @jsaideepak @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @HinduAmericans @Swamy39 @vhskerala @mohandastg @TVMohandasPai @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 @rishibagree @DrGPradhan @IndianInterest @anuraag_saxena @AAOLion @anujdhar @PanickarS @majorgauravarya @GeneralBakshi @AskAnshul @RatanSharda55 @shakkuiyer @sanjeevsanyal @RajivMessage @Aabhas24 @madhukishwar @MakrandParanspe @swapan55 @vivekagnihotri @KirenRijiju @UnSubtleDesi @AmitShah Will Seize Property Of Every Rioter And Use Its Funds To Repair Damage’: Yogi Adityanath Announces Tough Action swarajyamag.com/insta/will-sei…
Dec 16, 2019 229 tweets >60 min read
@sgurumurthy @kanimozhi @HKupdate @girishalva @prafullaketkar @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @jspandey_ @SaveSabrimala @ensine @sagenaradamuni @MaheshJoshi_MJ @jsaideepak @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @HinduAmericans @Swamy39 @vhskerala @mohandastg @TVMohandasPai @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 @rishibagree @DrGPradhan @IndianInterest @anuraag_saxena @AAOLion @anujdhar @PanickarS @majorgauravarya @GeneralBakshi @AskAnshul @RatanSharda55 @shakkuiyer @sanjeevsanyal @RajivMessage @Aabhas24 @madhukishwar @MakrandParanspe @swapan55 @vivekagnihotri @KirenRijiju @UnSubtleDesi Mischief mongers spread rumours of death of a student at Jamia protests, Shakir, the ‘dead’ student, is actually alive opindia.com/2019/12/jamia-… @sgurumurthy @kanimozhi @HKupdate @girishalva @prafullaketkar @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @jspandey_ @SaveSabrimala @ensine @sagenaradamuni @MaheshJoshi_MJ @jsaideepak @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @HinduAmericans @Swamy39 @vhskerala @mohandastg @TVMohandasPai @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 @rishibagree @DrGPradhan @IndianInterest @anuraag_saxena @AAOLion @anujdhar @PanickarS @majorgauravarya @GeneralBakshi @AskAnshul @RatanSharda55 @shakkuiyer @sanjeevsanyal @RajivMessage @Aabhas24 @madhukishwar @MakrandParanspe @swapan55 @vivekagnihotri @KirenRijiju @UnSubtleDesi Just because they are students, they can’t take law into their hands,’ CJI Bobde tells petitioners seeking judicial inquiry in #Jamia incident. #JamiaMilliaIslamia #JamiaMilia #JamiaProtests opindia.com/2019/12/cji-bo…
Dec 14, 2019 221 tweets >60 min read
@sgurumurthy @kanimozhi @HKupdate @girishalva @prafullaketkar @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @jspandey_ @SaveSabrimala @ensine @sagenaradamuni @MaheshJoshi_MJ @jsaideepak @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @HinduAmericans @Swamy39 @vhskerala @mohandastg @TVMohandasPai @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 @rishibagree @DrGPradhan @IndianInterest @anuraag_saxena @AAOLion @anujdhar @PanickarS @majorgauravarya @GeneralBakshi @AskAnshul @RatanSharda55 @shakkuiyer @sanjeevsanyal @RajivMessage @Aabhas24 @madhukishwar @MakrandParanspe @swapan55 @vivekagnihotri @KirenRijiju @UnSubtleDesi Had Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar been alive, he would have been happy with Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019. Why? organiser.org/Encyc/2019/12/… @sgurumurthy @kanimozhi @HKupdate @girishalva @prafullaketkar @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @jspandey_ @SaveSabrimala @ensine @sagenaradamuni @MaheshJoshi_MJ @jsaideepak @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @HinduAmericans @Swamy39 @vhskerala @mohandastg @TVMohandasPai @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 @rishibagree @DrGPradhan @IndianInterest @anuraag_saxena @AAOLion @anujdhar @PanickarS @majorgauravarya @GeneralBakshi @AskAnshul @RatanSharda55 @shakkuiyer @sanjeevsanyal @RajivMessage @Aabhas24 @madhukishwar @MakrandParanspe @swapan55 @vivekagnihotri @KirenRijiju @UnSubtleDesi Making a statement of fact does not mean advocating or propagating it just as if Judge rules someone is a thief, it does not mean that the Judge is advocating the act of theft. organiser.org/Encyc/2019/12/…
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@Shanks90169422 @sgurumurthy @bvsche @kanimozhi @keralaCastro @anilindian @HKupdate @girishalva @chathootti @prafullaketkar @excomradekerala @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @jspandey_ @SaveSabrimala @ensine @sagenaradamuni @MaheshJoshi_MJ @jsaideepak @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @HinduAmericans @Swamy39 @vhskerala @mohandastg @TVMohandasPai @Amritanandamayi @SriSri @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 @Janamejayan @rishibagree @DrGPradhan @IndianInterest @anuraag_saxena @AAOLion @anujdhar @MissionNetaji @PanickarS @majorgauravarya @GeneralBakshi @AskAnshul @RatanSharda55 @kumarnandaj They have already made Indira Gandhi's cook as President of India. @shakkuiyer @madhukishwar @Shanks90169422 @sgurumurthy @bvsche @kanimozhi @keralaCastro @anilindian @HKupdate @girishalva @chathootti @prafullaketkar @excomradekerala @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @jspandey_ @SaveSabrimala @ensine @sagenaradamuni @MaheshJoshi_MJ @jsaideepak @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @HinduAmericans @Swamy39 @vhskerala @mohandastg @TVMohandasPai @Amritanandamayi @SriSri @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 @Janamejayan @rishibagree @DrGPradhan @IndianInterest @anuraag_saxena @AAOLion @anujdhar @MissionNetaji @PanickarS @majorgauravarya @GeneralBakshi @AskAnshul @RatanSharda55 @kumarnandaj @shakkuiyer @madhukishwar After BBC, Reuters caught spreading fake news about situation in Kashmir; MHA and J&K Police destroy claims with proof: organiser.org/Encyc/2019/8/1…
Jun 1, 2019 8 tweets 87 min read
@bvsche @sgurumurthy @kanimozhi @keralaCastro @anilindian @HKupdate @girishalva @chathootti @prafullaketkar @excomradekerala @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @jspandey_ @SaveSabrimala @ensine @sagenaradamuni @MaheshJoshi_MJ @jsaideepak @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @RajivMessage @HinduAmericans @Swamy39 @vhskerala @mohandastg @TVMohandasPai @Amritanandamayi @SriSri @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 @narendramodi @Janamejayan @rishibagree @DrGPradhan @IndianInterest @anuraag_saxena @AAOLion @anujdhar @MissionNetaji @PanickarS @majorgauravarya @GeneralBakshi @AskAnshul @RatanSharda55 @Aabhas24 @TarekFatah Kerala has. But Infighting of #BJP, over Literacy of people and Dhimmi attitude of Hindus defeated Him. @bvsche @sgurumurthy @kanimozhi @keralaCastro @anilindian @HKupdate @girishalva @chathootti @prafullaketkar @excomradekerala @Prof_Hariom @ranganaathan @jspandey_ @SaveSabrimala @ensine @sagenaradamuni @MaheshJoshi_MJ @jsaideepak @advmonikaarora @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @RajivMessage @HinduAmericans @Swamy39 @vhskerala @mohandastg @TVMohandasPai @Amritanandamayi @SriSri @mariawirth1 @sankrant @Koenraad_Elst @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 @narendramodi @Janamejayan @rishibagree @DrGPradhan @IndianInterest @anuraag_saxena @AAOLion @anujdhar @MissionNetaji @PanickarS @majorgauravarya @GeneralBakshi @AskAnshul @RatanSharda55 @Aabhas24 @TarekFatah The Tale of Two Political Parties:

BJP by making PAN #India Presence has not only removed the 'Party of North ' Tag but also Rose from 2 to 303.

While Marxist Front from having all India presence, Today standing on the Two Crutches of #Kerala & Tamil Nadu.
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