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15 Aug 19
‼️STORYTIME‼️ The time I got some 🍆💦 at a family reunion ‘ #threads #storytime #freakythreads #nastythreads #storytimefreaky #freakymoods #moodz
Lmao let’s start this off with u know whooo, coconut 🥥 lmao anyways before the actual reunion he hit me up talking about some he want me to meet his family and stuff I’m down so I say yes🥳..
So fast forward the day here, I’m getting all cute u know a lil bath before , I put on a jean skirt with a 90’s vibe shirt and some shoes showing my toes 💁🏽‍♀️!
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13 Aug 19
‼️STORYTIME‼️ How I skipped practice for some 🍆💦💦’ #storytime
#freakythreads #threadsfreaky #nastystory #freakystorytime #freakymoods #nastythreads #freaky
Ok so Ik I ain’t been posting but ain’t nun been happenin..😭 I’m back I gotta couple for y’all to !
Let’s start this off with the weeks before , so before all this happend I’ve been crushing on this nigga a while I’m not the type to tell u I like u just catch the hints💁🏽‍♀️.. anyways
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4 Jul 19
THE TIME I FUCKED MY BROTHERS BESTFREIND💦🍆! #storytime #storythreads #threads #freakythreads
So let’s start off with this being my first story time so might be a little yunno😬! Anyways brother bestfreind = LJ
Ok so me and my brother was over my auntie house we stayed for a weekend because my mom and dad went for a lil trip or w.e🤷🏽‍♀️
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