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16 Sep
So the Eisenhower Memorial gets dedicated tomorrow.

I see coverage of the dedication memory-holing how unhinged the competition happened, but we shouldn't because it had warning signs of the world we live in now:
The memorial had a careful gestation 2001-2010 designed to avoid the problems of the World War II Memorial. They used technocratic processes to get things right early: NCPC's site selection process and an RFP + limited competition modeled on the GSA Design Excellence program
Everything was going fine until 2012, until the then-social media coordinator for the Federalist Society, named Justin Shubow, took over a lethargic trad arch group in DC, the National Civic Art Society, and began agitating against the memorial.
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25 Mar
I am not convinced we'll see long-term spatial consequences from covid itself. From the economic consequences, that sounds more plausible.
If the ICC is paying attention, we will see more consequences in the design of ventilation.

I am fascinated by this detail in the SARS epidemic, where SARS viruses were aerosolized in toilets and then spread back through bathroom floor drains.… Image
This says that the transmission required small bathrooms, negative ventilation pressure, and dry traps in the floor drains.

Most US apartment bathrooms don't have floor drains and a lot vent separately, so IDK about this pathway here. But...
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