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13 Dec 19

LEO Patriots in #2ASanctuary counties, remember your oaths. If your choice is go to jail if you don’t enforce these tyrannical gun laws or be killed by #Patriots while confiscating guns, the choice is simple. QUIT YOUR JOB stay out of jail and stay alive.
The VA AG and Gov tyrants claim their proposed laws are constitutional and envoked the civil war of 150 years ago

The better comparison this is 1775 and the founding of our nation. This is King George ordering the tax payer funded military to strip tax payers of their rights #2A
Do you not remember the lessons of #LexingtonandConcord

British parliament declared MA in open rebellion. The VA .gov will do the same. What will be the result? More counties have adopted #2ASanctuary than not.

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27 Nov 19
Quick thread TL;DR theory #POTUS calling out those with pardons from BHO admin


Interesting, is our #POTUS @realDonaldTrump giving a hint about secret pardons from the #Obama admin and that he will no longer be soft on them or honor these pardons?
Let’s look at Bread. The Gematria value for bread is 30. Other notable 30s:

ALICE - Hillary Clinton #Qanon
JOE - Biden
EAGLE - Bill Clinton SS name
DEBRA - Wasserman Schultz

Also, the words PAID and and MAFIA also are a hit
Next is the word “And” which has a Gematria value of 19 as well as

ADAM - Schiff
BOB - Mueller
DAN - Coates (Coats before #DECLASS )
AOC - Moron

CABAL and NBC are also values of 19
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14 Nov 19
A thread on #ProjectLookingGlass with some of my thoughts on the subject but first, a must watch video from #BobWood regarding #LookingGlass from Jan 2012. If you’re a #QAnon follower you will recognize certain phrases and themes immediately.

I have a good friend that has dug up some great detail and info on #ProjectLookingGlass but I’m going to just focus on what’s in the video

Basically you have a means of predicting the future based on probabilities understanding predictive programming and the persons own biases
The #DeepState had access to the #LookingGlass via control of #MilIntel and were using it to enrich themselves and drive their decisions, campaigns, etc... and clearly it’s been benefiting them greatly
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12 Nov 19
#QisBack #8Kun

A quick thread

To remind some and awaken others in regards to Q drop 3586.

There is one evil creature that checks off everything Q mentions in this drop. George H W Bush

#WWG1WGA #QAnon #KAG2020 #IndictmentsSoon
Let’s start with the first line

Once C_A always C_A

Bush’s father, Prescott, was a NAZI who put George into the family oil business. IN 1960, he started working for the C_A and when questioned by the FBI, gave a non-denial denial about his involvement with the C_A

Former C_A elected to Congress?
Former C_A running for Congress?

In 1966, Satan’s homey GHWB was elected to Congress and ran again in 1968
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4 Nov 19
Did Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats demand that #POTUS surrender the United States back to the #DeepState or they will burn this country to the ground?

This looks to be a white flag of surrender behind Old Glory. I don’t think the DS is surrendering. #WWG1WGA #KAG2020
Pelosi’s own proclamation of bi-partisanship support is needed for impeachment but the resolution yield 0 GOP votes and the only bi-partisanship was 2 DEMs moving to the right and voting against the impeachment resolution.

So what’s going on? #DemoncratsAreDestroyingAmerica
For those of you who follow #QANON we can look into this a little deeper.

There is 1 drop related to the word surrender. Q Drop 1529
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