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27 Jun 20
There are some bad people on the rise, Alberta.

#BadPeopleAB #ableg #VoteKenneyOut
Based on this original by Ok Go. (It translated so well from Trump to Kenney).

Here are links to evertying referenced in the video in the order they appear.


Star UCP candidate who resigned over white supremacist comments also questioned value of Pride parades…
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14 Jun 20
Fun Fact: AB *had* a #GreenNewDeal. Created by the NDP, it was called the Climate Leadership Plan and used a tax on the rich to fund green projects. It was a huge success, created 1000s of jobs, cut emissions, and left us an amazing legacy of green infrastructure. THREAD👇 #AbLeg
It also drastically accelerated the phase out of coal power in Alberta, put a 100 megatonne cap on oilsands development, put regulations in place to reduce methane emissions and funded workforce transition training for affected workers.…
Based on the work of the Climate Advisory Panel (chaired by @andrew_leach), the OSAG and others, it was an ambitious and bold plan to address climate change. @politicalham has some A+ reporting on the early days of those groups and how it all came be.…
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21 Apr 19
Why is it that conservatives can constantly associate with extremists, dog whistle to racists and bigots, present blatantly discriminatory policies, and yet so often news media presents it as their opponents “painting them” negatively? #cdnpoli
Why is calling out racism and bigotry considered worse than actual racism and bigotry these days? Why was it OK for the UCP to feature hard right extremists Sheila Gunn Reid and Keean Bexte at their election night party and mainstream media didn’t bat an eye?
How is it no big deal that the founder of the one of most racist, violent, alt right propaganda factories (the Rebel) is the campaign manger for one of the mainstream federal parties (CPC)? Why is this stuff all just shrugged off? What is happening?
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