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Hate the Orange Nazi Asshole, GOP,"Christian" conservatives. I'm a fan of truth, justice & the progressive way, of rights for all. #resist #FBR NoDMs NO LISTS
28 Aug
I don't hate cops, I hate the ACTIONS of some. I hate the fact that there is apparently (clearly), systemic racism in the police & sheriff's offices around the country; I hate that they instill more fear than courage and that they don't seem to offer proper training. I hate when
they are called on bogus complaint calls, that the caller isn't punished. I hate that when they are called to help someone with a troubled child, or adult child, they don't have proper support professionals, who can handle mental problems, with finesse. I hate that sometimes,
a #policofficer's first thought is to pull out a gun, rather than having the training to be verbally persuasive. I hate that the police no longer KNOW the people on their "beats," therefore have no ties to the community. I hate that this country thinks PDs around the country
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8 Nov 19
INCREDIBLE! Secret chats involving Republican lawmaker reveal fresh evidence of plots and paranoia theguardian.com/world/2019/nov… #Extremists #FarRight #CivilWar #RepublicanRepresentatives @HouseGOP @SenateGOP @TheDemocrats #MattShea #LeakedMessages
@HouseGOP @SenateGOP @TheDemocrats Shea is currently under investigation by the Washington state house after reporting on his activities by the Guardian and local media outlets.
Lindsay Schubiner, a program director at the progressive Western States Center, said of the chats: “The chat messages reveal Shea acting more like a militia leader than an elected official. His conspiratorial and violent mindset are on full display. If it was not already clear,
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4 Nov 19
Why are we still standing still, as a country, even moving backwards, in this--the 21st century?

One reason is because the #RepublicanParty doesn't like change or, apparently, advancement of fresh, or novel, innovations.

But, the other side of the coin is, because...
.@TheDemocrats are cowed into the belief that if they propose advancements via fresh, novel, innovative policies, they won't win elections--'Don't wander too far from the middle of the road or you might get run over!'

And THAT is why America is NOW behind every other, major...
industrialized nation, and why we are no longer leading at anything, on any level; but watching, as the progress being made, by so many other nations, passes us by.

If America doesn't get onboard with PROGRESS, with the Progressive ideas, mindset, and proposals--we will sink...
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18 Oct 19
Donald Trump, with the aid & abetting of the Republican Party, have made this country vulnerable to attack. Due to Trump's withdrawal from our Nuclear Agreement with Iran, his elimination of sanctions placed on Russia and Russian Oligarchs, his complacent attitude toward (cont'd)
Russia's and North Korea's missile trials, and NOW with the permission he proffered to Turkey to attack the Kurds in Syria, which contributed to the release of ISIS terrorists from prisons there--we are at a point of grave vulnerability, that can't be overstated. (cont'd)
He has, essentially, disabled all of our diplomatic avenues, by firing all the experienced, competent members of the diplomatic arm of the State Department, replacing them with incompetent, uninformed, ignorant cronies/hacks, including the head of the State Department. (cont'd)
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7 Aug 19
So here is a top 20 list of congressional representatives taking the most money in recent years from the gun lobby, according to OpenSecrets.Org.
These are numbers from the 2017-2018 election cycle and while some of these folks are no longer in office (in italics), the damage they’ve done in the name of blood money endures.
Ted Cruz (R-TX) received $309,021, but if you want to go shooting with him you better have a background check. No, seriously.

Martha McSally (R-AZ) and her $227,928, have gotten her through losing elections but we will see where that goes as she will actually have to defend
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