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31 yr old Jesus follower, libertarian, American. I’m not politically correct, I’m a patriot. The Democrats R intentionally and systematically destroying America
10 Jul
(1)…So we go from attacking Trump as soon as he comes down the escalator, throughout his presidency to intentionally comms w/China to release #COVID19 (#FauciEmails); to 15 days to stop it, to threatening door to door gestapo tactics to see if we’re in compliance! …..
(2) They’re not just checking to see if we’re vaccinated however! They’re going to force us to get vaccinated (or else). They WILL create a federal database of those in non compliance! They’re already using us to spy on each other and guilt us when we’re not ….
(3) wearing our compliance muzzles. And if you think it’s really stopping there, they’re checking for guns (and as @RepCawthorn said probably Bibles too) while their at it! This isn’t and never was about #Trump specifically. He’s just in the way and exposing them!…
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9 Jul
#CriticalRaceTheory is actually making “racism” more prevalent if anything. And not just because it intrinsically teaches people to hate each other. But when you have non-racist whites constantly being told they’re racist they resent everything about it. And they start to
Actually not like blacks and how they think they’re entitled when they’re not. The only thing anybody is entitled to regardless of race is a shot. A shot at life to make whatever they want to make out themselves. And what they do with that shot is up to them.
The thing about @TheDemocrats is that they take that shot away and tell them, trusting us will give you all the shots you need just vote for us. One in the right believes in hard work pays off and you can be whatever you want to be.
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