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12 May
Here is an aspect of the fractured learning model (aka #hybrid) I haven't seen anyone address.

I am teaching virtually this year so I don't have experience with this hideous model.

What I can tell you about my online classes is this...

A short 🧵 for #onted

➡️We are very much a 'group'. No one feels left out and everyone feels like part of the class.

➡️All of the kids are learning at home and share that in common. It might seem like a minor deal but it's a pretty big thing they have in common.

➡️They chat. They interact. On their own, they form class chat groups (that I have nothing to do with).

➡️When they're learning, they see whatever I am screen-sharing with them & my face. They tell me it feels like I am speaking to *them*. They aren't passive observers here.

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16 Aug 20
I've seen some people (including a TRUSTEE or two) advocating for using their school board's reserves to lower class sizes in September.

Let me give a super-simple explanation why that is a REALLY BAD IDEA.

#SafeSeptemberON #UnsafeSeptemberON
#onted #onpoli

So ONT gets BILLIONS from the fed gov't for COVID recovery and, instead of putting some of that $$$ into making schools safe for children, @Sflecce tells school boards to USE THEIR OWN RESERVES ($500M total in Ont) to pay for extra safety measures, like more staff.


Staff payroll is a PROV responsibility. This is why @fordnation was so bent on ⬆️ class size avgs over the last few yrs. To save $$$.

For every 22 Ss, they were paying for 1 T; now it's 23:1.

They don't want to pay for more, even just for a yr or two during an emergency.

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22 May 20
My First Thread: A Novella

My biggest safety concern w/ starting back to school in September isn't COVID.

It's that Stephen Lecce is our Minister of Education.

He will be the one making decisions about our kids' safety and education. And we should all be very concerned.

When it comes to implementing a plan that will ensure safety of students & staff, while also serving ALL students & not just a few, we can't trust a person who...

✖️has no experience attending a public school (which would be okay if he actually believed in quality publicly-funded education that helps bridge the gaps between the haves and have-nots but he doesn't so...)

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