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spicy southern halfanese tsunami. older than i look, younger than i feel. proud catholic, wife, and mother. i’ll probably piss you off eventually.
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wait how did i miss this

netflix canceled all of their intersectional projects? variety.com/2022/digital/n…
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Begin thread

For about 8 centuries, from the Heian period until the end of the Sengoku period, just about every man in Japan carried a sword. The Sengoku period (1400s-early 1600s) was a special hell for Japan. The entire island was a mess of warring feudal states led by powerful warlords. Some vying for control of a unified Japan, others fighting just to survive. War consumed everything, left trails of devastation and death for leagues.
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i forgot she blocked me

new age mama please unblock me i promise to be nice literally the only interaction we ever had was i replied "BIRB" to a picture of a bird she posted.
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she's terribly off key but two of my favorite things have been combined into one video and imma loop this in the background while finishing this gun thread

shit may get a little weird, sorry
all the horny dudes in the comments saying "OMG HER VOICE IS GREAT SHE COULD BE A STAR SINGER" lmao no stop you're embarrassing yourselves, just enjoy this for what it is
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there is a remarkable amount of data on gun violence and almost nobody seems to ever take the time to understand it let me be clear:
i am not a data scientist. i am not taking the time to understand all of this. i am just writing my observations about live in japan vs. life in america and pulling out some neat stats that i don't think most people look at all that much

i could be way off 🤷‍♀️
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so now abortion is a mercy-killing because...

*checks notes*

...you don't want white Christians to adopt them?

and somehow *we're* the bad guys? i mean at least you're on brand
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i may have to start a substack i have definitely started a substack
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this gun thread is coming along and i'm enjoying it entirely too much

y'all gonna learn a lot about medieval japan which is my absolute favorite period in history to study about because i am a huge weirdo
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this is going to piss me off isn't it given the cost of formula this graphic is spot on
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look i don't care one lick about this "race replacement" nonsense but a Certain Group of People claiming it's an insane conspiracy theory after spending decades saying it was necessary to get rid of the conservative vote, i just ask Jesus to hurry up already you literally tell the white people you want to outbreed them to destroy their political advantage and then you scream when white supremacy is on the rise and while i make no excuses for shit behavior at some point you have to acknowledge maaaybe some cause/effect here
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i feel like maybe this is not allowed anymore but i can disagree with someone *fiercely* about something and then go out for drinks and hug it out over all the shit we *do* agree on because i'm not a psychopath like most of the people i'm going to have arguments with about church or politics or whatever--it's all just entertainment in a way, maybe some mental exercise too, because for the most part neither of us have the power to change jack
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what a bunch of weirdos you don’t need a license or training to conceal carry your uterus, ma’am. maybe you should tho Image
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going outside to look at the moon now

if i don't come back, baphomet probably will in my body yep this is pretty neat
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just cleaned two beer bottles and a dirty wine glass out of my lady cave

last night was fun yes that’s right, it doesn’t take much in your 40s

about three drinks in and im asleep
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breaking news: crazy person believed crazy thing and did some crazy shit the answer is not banning speech you absolute dildo, it’s not holding truth and reconciliation councils or whatever else Orwellian pornographic fantasies you’ve got in your head
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goodness this marriage thread may have to wait until tomorrow. if i tweet all this out now like 5 people will see it before they go to bed. still writing
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there is a 24 hour Asian massage parlor across the street and that tells you everything you need to know about the neighborhood I’m in lmaoo what how confused would they be if I walked in
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seriously I’m losing my mind

is this voting rights thing not a massive gaslight?

nobody can tell me who can’t vote but they all insist it’s happening like do you have a single example?

you can't just gesture broadly
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Even in real life, the bad guys always get the best music
i take it back, God is trying to tell me something because *this* absolute masterpiece came up next in the youtube algorithm

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so The Weeknd’s new album seems to be about erotic asphyxiation I mean Take My Breath is a dead ringer, every single line, but turns out every other song is also about literally choking a bitch during sex so hmm
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you realize majority rule is just might makes right with a layer of abstraction from the bloodshed, right? my point here is that while it’s theoretically better than “biggest stick wins” it’s not really any more moral.