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Every next level of your life, will demand a different version of you. Views expressed are mine and mine only.
27 Oct
A year ago, I married the love of my life and it's been a year of blessings on top of blessings! I love her more than words can describe! Happy Anniversary to us! #datestakesblake2019 (that's our ig hashtag) Image
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26 Oct
You know what I'm most excited about about with this election? When @realDonaldTrump wins, I cannot wait to see all of the celebrities on Twitter meltdown, the radio hosts, news anchors crying. It's going to be epic!
I'm going to be watching and listening to them all like...
Me with a different tv in every room on a different station watching everyone cry lol
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25 Oct
This guy called police because he's traveling across the country and wants to get as many police signatures as he can get on his Fallen Marines Flag.

I am on my way sir!
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