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#BKG : keep your eyes on me deku, you dweeb! | bnha manga spoilers
8 Apr
a thread of deku being the best big brother ever :
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7 Apr
reasons why i love bakugo katsuki and so should you, a thread :
his tiddies
his skinny waist
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6 Apr
a breakdown on bakugo katsuki’s character because some of you don’t even bother to understand his character :
first things first, bakugo wasn’t born an asshole. he didn’t just pop out of mitsuki’s pussy thinking “i’m going to make deku’s life miserable”. he was a normal kid, who had friends and a goal to become a hero, just like every other kid his age did.
before we talk about him, just remember what society is like in mha. hero society is downright toxic in that universe. people are literally segregated based on their quirks or lack of one and treated differently. bkg is just as much of a victim as deku, dabi, shigaraki, etc are.
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6 Apr
and if i post this 😔✋
it’s actually very long and i’m trying to condense it a bit so the people just don’t drop it in the middle
i am halfway through this thread and it already has 15 tweets in there. it’s so fucking long 😭
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