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17 Oct
Once again, @GOP has set up a straw man, and is carrying out a carefully orchestrated scam to convince the public that @JoeBiden will do something he couldn't do even if he wanted to (which he has never said he does). I do wish Dems would do a better job of dispelling this BS. /1
A President cannot just decide to "pack the Court." To expand the number of seats, Congress would have to vote to amend the Judiciary Act. Assuming a bill was introduced, and passed, then a President @JoeBiden would have to decide whether to sign it. Would he? #CourtPacking /2
Biden's entire life history suggests that he would think long and hard about this. @JoeBiden doesn't have a radical bone in his body, and he deeply values bipartisan cooperation (which the @GOP has abandoned). /3…
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15 Oct
.@RudyGiuliani told a crowd in Philly yesterday that people don’t die of #COVID19 anymore. Tell that to the families of the 1000 people who died yesterday.…
Mr. Giuliani, check out @CDCgov weekly summary, which states this week that the seat rate “remains above the epidemic threshold.”…
Newspapers all over the country are still filled with special obit sections devoted to those who have died from #coronavirus. Here’s one from where I live:…
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14 Mar 19
The State Dept has issued annual US report on human rights issues in countries around the world. Preface: "The policy of this administration is to engage with other governments, regardless of their record, if doing so will further US interests." Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. /1
I’m not sure why, but it feels shocking to see, written down, an official statement that the US doesn’t give a damn about a country’s human rights record as long as we get what we want. And what we want is apparently not protection of human rights. /2
This is, of course, consistent with Trump administration’s actions, and cozy relations with despots such as Putin, Kim, and Saudi royal family. Why bother with pretense that we care about their torture, murder, and oppression, when we are rolling back rights at furious pace? /3
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