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Feminist as fuck. she/her #FiretheUCP
14 Aug 20
Okay, so here’s a little story about protesting at @prasadpandayyc constituency office. Showed up just a bit before 12, and lo and behold there are two security guards chatting with him out front. Walked over and naturally he went inside and left them to “deal” #ableg #abpoli
With us. There was also a woman there who said she was the property manager and she didn’t want any of the surrounding businesses disturbed by us (🙄). So they said we could go over on the lawn by the road on public property. Ok, fine, but we requested he come out #ableg #abpoli
To talk to us, which, surprisingly he did. Basically the first word out of his mouth, hilariously, was to ask why we would protest in front of his office , because he wouldn’t come to our house 😂 sorry dude, but @shandro has already proven that to be incorrect. #ableg #abpoli
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