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3 Aug
@KristalDixon @MayaTPrabhu Chorus & Choirs increase the risk of COVID transmission due to increased aerosolized saliva in practice & performance spaces. Walton's chorus sang in masks last year. Ridiculous. Walton is actively recruiting for the choral programs from Dickerson & Dodgen student populations. 1/
@KristalDixon @MayaTPrabhu Performing arts pose a hazard to students, faculty, parents, & community due to risk of super-spreader events associated with public performance. The only reasonable solution is to cut these programs. Faculty & staff will try to preserve them out of fear for job security. 2/
@KristalDixon @MayaTPrabhu Organizations & non-profits such as the American Choral Director's Association are scrambling to create safe ways to preserve these programs. It's selfish interest to perpetuate bloated budgets that will lead the way to increased student infections. Cobb must #defundChorus 3/
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