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18 Oct
hot take: renting a plantation for your wedding is like renting a magdalene laundry or residential school for your kid's birthday

what the whole fuck is wrong with you and why are you being allowed to do this
"haha it's so romantic"

like what are you going to do for your honeymoon, play 'sardines' in the ruins of auschwitz? what the FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU
i know what's wrong with you actually so please don't respond

one of the few things that shakes my belief in the spirit world is the fact that white people who get married in plantations just continue to live their lives and don't start vomiting up whole bones or weeping ichor
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18 Oct
in the sense that it was used to justify my extinction long enough to get the meatgrinder of secular capitalism going to finish the job?

yeah, it has stolen and denuded my land, destroyed my family, shortened my lifespan, and surrounded me with invaders. good story though. long.
contact was good

lady chatterley's lover

i really enjoyed the whole 'earth's children' series, skipping over the sex parts cos the neolithic anthropological use of materials and existence of nonbinary medicine people was way waaayyyYy more interesting
but no, probably the bible has had the biggest impact on my life and i can't ignore that just to help someone make a point.

i'm not christian but y'all are still here, so deeply embedded on these two continents that catholicism is part of Black and Indigenous folk religions now
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17 Oct
i just responded sincerely to p*ul fr0mm and now i need to take a bath and scrub my skin entirely off
american neonazis are horrible people who should definitely never be given a sunny place to stand and a final cigarette, but there's something about canadian neonazis with their soft, manicured hands and smug expressions that just makes the red veil come down entirely
there's the proximity, obviously, but i think maybe it's also that liberal canadians run defense for them by denying they exist, and when you point out how many thousands of Lone Wolves we're talking about, they pretend they exist in a vacuum, affecting nobody and nothing.
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17 Oct
i know exactly who needs to hear this: tugs and logging crew boats on lakes

if there's oil in your bilge, don't pump it until you can pump it into containment, or until you oilsponge/filter or replace the sponge in your bilge.

shared waters aren't your trash can, fucko
this goes for boats in the ocean as well, but i feel like it's particularly egregious in placid, glass-calm reservoir lakes surrounded by provincial parkland, where you can't even pretend you're not being a thoroughgoing, shit-where-you-eat world-wrecker.
anyways i called the emergency spill contact and was PLEASANTLY surprised as a 1) random caller 2) calling at 8pm to report a small spill 3) not a client/renter, just someone TECHNICALLY trespassing on a private dock, the dude on the phone explained the tug sitch and THANKED me.
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16 Oct
it's fun to think back to february when canadians got super SUPER mad about FN peacefully occupying their own land, and screeched about canada being a "NATION OF LAWS"

i'm pretty sure it's illegal to sack and burn shit and interfere with ANYONE'S lobster traps, but... *crickets*
to repeat what has already been said: the RCMP are there to protect the violent white racists in case Indigenous people try to defend themselves, their property, or their livelihoods, which have been sustainable for tens of thousands of years.

natives hunting and fishing have never been the problem. they will never be the problem. the people out there killing live lobsters to "protest" lobster endangerment are the problem, have always been the problem, and will continue to be the problem unless white settlers FIX THIS.
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16 Oct
hey new followers

this is gonna be a real mixed bag of Indigenous autonomy, fishing, disability posting, anti-whiteness, boring nerd garbage, and shitposting

if any of that doesn't appeal to you, go ahead and unfollow
i mean obviously i will assume the anti-white, anti-cop stuff made you uncomfortable and judge you for it, but my judgement won't actually harm you.
this account is now also for shaming people who call it 'aluminum foil'

though 'Saran Wrap' is fine and correct for plastic wrap
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16 Oct
by doing it over and over and over and over again to see what we can break, then realizing the devs actually employ people to do what we just did for free, and they put a little gift up there for folks like us who just HAVE to see where the skybox is
ask me about my vanilla wow straight-line mountain pass route from the outskirts of Gnomeregan to Menethil Harbor
parenthetically, my very favourite part of PubG aside from how someone you hit with the crossbow will run around with a bolt sticking out forever, now, is VEHICLE STUNTS

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16 Oct
ok cool but

is he putting in the work to undo the harm he did, or is he just complaining to you like he wasn't a literal armed footsoldier shaping the world into its current form

cos complaining about the fascism you built isn't CHANGE, it's COWARDICE.
like i don't want to discourage your dad or whatever but sitting around bitching about the world you built isn't 'change' it's an old white person thing.

he hasn't fundamentally changed if he just wants to go back to Reaganomics, which is further left than you are right now.
"if you think people can't change, just look at how people who liked it when capitalism benefited them, and want that back again" is not change.

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6 Sep
trigger warnings work.

i don't know who told you they don't, cos they've been in use on tv as content warnings and parental advisories since the 80s, both in text before movies and spoken by newscasters before they show graphic and upsetting footage.
being able to choose whether or not i can handle reading about or watching someone - animal or human - die a particular way or be subject to specific kinds of assault allows me to watch content with foreknowledge, so it doesn't catch me by surprise.
every single dipshit piece of "research" that tests to see if trigger warnings "cause anxiety" by measuring how you felt before seeing the warning and how you felt afterwards is

• asking the wrong question
• in bad faith
• wasting everyone's time
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18 Aug

literal centuries of pretending this was a mystery after the colonists told you, the nearby tribes told you, and finding worn/broken metal items in shell/bone/ash middens along the route where you were told they went, WILLINGLY, and you're still playing this out like a mystery
my christ the whole Roanoke thing makes me irate. like you will literally dig in your heels and close your eyes and go LA LA LA MYSTERY MYSTERY, NO IDEA rather than go "oh maybe natives who knew the land and had medicine and culture and comfort were better off than dipshit euros"
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