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14 Jan
So now I’m in the file room looking up documents and find the DA’s office has also filed a civil suit against The Tuck Box, the Carmel restaurant that similarly has repeatedly violated mask orders/distancing ordering/indoor dining orders...
The Tuck Box had faced a $20,000 fine, plus attorneys costs, for the repeat violations. When the last one happened, the DA decided to go for the cash, it seems.
Dear Friends in Broadcast Journalism: There, I just gave you two stories. Buy me a drink when this is all over, k?
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14 Jan
In court on the Aloha Coffee case, in which owner has refused to abide by mask rules, distancing rules. He’s telling the judge his rights are being violated and so is the Constitution.
“I have the right, the constitutional right, and a constitutional right can’t be converted to a crime. I do not consent to these hearings. I’m not going to be steamrolled.” Says he’s going to file a criminal case against the judge and DA.
He’s going to file, he says, with everyone from local DA and sheriff and the US Attorney. Judge Lydia Villarreal is being remarkably patient with him.
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12 Jan
Per Seaside Deputy Police Chief Nick Borges, the FBI served a search warrant at a Seaside home today as part of an investigation into whether a resident made threats against a legislator from another state.
Borges says agents were investigating the man's social media accounts and home on the 1500 block of Luzern to see if there was anything supporting the allegation that the man made the threats.
The threats were not described, the legislator wasn't named, the FBI isn't talking and nobody was arrested.
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12 Jan
More security than normal at the Monterey County Board of Supervisors meeting this morning, as the supes are about to take up a mostly ceremonial resolution condemning the “violent, seditious actions” of Donald Trump.
Mostly. I meant entirely.
Public commenter now, dude named Richard, says he respects “Senor Alejo” who brought the resolution, but he’s watched all the videos and he knows it was Antifa’s fault. And another “Senor Alejo...” oy.
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22 Nov 20
A short thread. I have a sister. She’s 72 and a wee bit developmentally disabled. She’s pretty high functioning—she reads, she loves (and I mean LOVES) the Hallmark Christmas channel. She loves to color, she loves to take the bus to the mall and just walk around.
I take care of her. We all take care of her. I haven’t let her take the bus since shelter-in-place started. Too dangerous and she’s too medically fragile—asthma, heart condition. All I do is worry. But she got a Michael’s gift card for her bday and wanted to go.
She also requested a floor lamp to sit next to her chair—special chair, she needs to keep her legs up because of edema. So we loaded up and off we went, first to Michaels and then to Target.
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22 Aug 20
Surprise. Looks like Cal Fire is doing another briefing on #RiverFire and #CarmelFire. I'll be tweeting it ... with a cocktail already on board, the typing might not be great. Then again, neither will the attitude. Stand by.
First is The River Fire. South end of Salinas Valley crews are building lines and looking for opps to go west to connect lines. Multiple plans in place.
Along River Road, fire stayed in existing footprint. Yesterday there was some increased activity near base camp, plan was in place, lines of convenience were made to stop the fire before the grassy oak woodlands.
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22 Aug 20
CalFire did its nightly briefing early, and I'm just playing catch up. Here's some fast intel on #RiverFire and #CarmelFire. First up Steve Bernal, Monterey County Sheriff. Evac warning for Laureles Grade and Carmel Valley due to forecasted winds that could impact both fires.
This is just a warning to give people time to get ready to get out. But please, get ready to get out if you already haven't. Residents are asked to leave the area via southbound 101 -- due to other fires burning in the area and in Santa Cruz.
Traffic is gonna be a bitch. (My word, not his.) This could turn into an evac order by tomorrow. "Please don't make us come rescue you," he says. Things may not look threatening now but it can change rapidly.
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5 Aug 20
Monterey County Sheriffs and CHP are on scene on Old Coast Road in Big Sur; the road was boobytrapped with screw-studded boards near the cattle guard, when a tree service inspector got out to look at her tire, she was set upon by 4-5 armed men yelling "alto."
She got away, drove on the flat to a gate near Bixby and got help. Source in Big Sur reports MCSO and CHP have set up a roadblock. She may have stumbled onto an illegal grow, but not sure. This started about 70 minutes ago.
Source reports helicopters are now circling the area and there are police stationed at the gate at Bixby Creek. CHP and MCSO pios aren't picking up right now.
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