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23 Nov 19
Truth be told, this week I got a tiny bit tired of explaining that "agile" and "waterfall" are not equally valid delivery styles, but radically different theories of how things get done in the world
Empirical or predictive? Leaders, you've got to pick a side.
Do you want to create a learning organisation in which everyone is in touch with users and the environment, at a sustainable cadence of continual improvement?
If so, agile principles are your friend and your guide, not just for building software, but for the whole way you make strategies and shape portfolios
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21 Nov 19
Humble advice to any public service leader getting to grips with a new brief: ask to see your organisation's list of services
Not the acronym-laden pseudo-services that obfuscate, with names like "hubs" and "portals".
I mean user-led "good services are verbs" services, named with words that anyone can understand
10+ years ago, Dunleavy and Margetts wrote that digital era governance has three main characteristics: reintegration, digitisation, and needs-based holism.
The hardest of these has been needs-based holism. Until now
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10 Apr 19
I talk a lot about pace layers and why pacing is so important in #ServiceDesign for health and care. Blog post still stuck in my head, so this picture will have to do for now Items ordered by time, from heartbeat at top to lifetime at the bottom, with different health experiences, delivery, and outcomes in between
For me, this picture helps to explain why it's so easy for delivery, especially technology-heavy delivery, to come unmoored from patient experiences and outcomes
We have to design services and organisations that are responsive to human experiences and interactions in the moment, but robust enough to deliver outcomes that will outlast our own careers and current institutions
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