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21 Nov 20
Ranking the effectiveness of worldwide COVID-19 government interventions by Haug et al 2020.

So I’m not a genius but if I want to make sig. change to # of COVID cases, should we not enact measures with greater effectiveness? @fordnation @celliottability
Small gathering cancellation - 83% effective
Closure of education - 73% effective
Border restriction - 56% effective
Mass gathering cancellation - 53% effective
Increase PPE availability - 51% effective
Communicate w/ public - 48% effective
Mov’t restrictions - 42% effective
Gov’t assistance to the vulnerable - 41% effective
Active comm. w/ managers - 40% effective
Measures for spec. pop. - 37% effective
Increase health care workforce - 35% effective
Quarantine - 30% effective
Establish emergency response - 29% effective
LOCKDOWN - 25% effective
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21 Nov 20
Gonna put together a little thread here from @fordnation @celliottability announcements today 11/20/2020 which leads to lockdown in Toronto and Peel. Mainly from the Q&A, so much that needs addressing. Also lockdowns do not work.
“I don’t like using ‘bring down the hammer’, but people HAVE to abide by the regulations”. - @fordnation
This is communist and government control. Canada is not a communist (or I thought) country.
Social gatherings are the proponent of spread/transmission as the gov’t states. But we will close small businesses cause that will do the trick. I do not see this relationship or correlation at all.
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