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4 Jan
You really don't know? Do you?

I'll add another non-retaliation event to your list - Iran shooting down an RQ-4A Global Hawk last year.

Why didn't this solicit a response?

Answer: none of those events had Congressional approval for military strike.

The attack on Soleimani did
Still don't know why?

S.J.Res. 23, passed with near total bipartisan support in Congress, is why the POTUS could green light the strike on Soleimani, and NOT in those other instances you mentioned.…
Maybe that's a lot to digest.

That bill, agree with it or not, has allowed Bush, Obama and Trump (& any future POTUS) to strike designated terrorist(s) and their groups.

It's the law that allowed Obama to use drone strikes like he did.

But there's a loophole that is key here:
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8 Oct 19

A word about this. A working theory, if you will.

This is a highly complex. It's not as it seems on the surface, as it has been presented by MSM today. I don't trust 'em. I asked myself questions all day.

Here's what I came up with...
The Landscape

Along with the major flagged countries, several groups exist within Syria all fighting their own fight, for their own reasons. Major Kurdish-based ones to know...

•Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)
•Peoples Defense Units (YPG)
•Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)
When the #MSM uses the word, "the Kurds" , they are either intentionally blurring the lines or trying to over simplify things. Either way, they take us all as dummies and it's disingenuous.
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