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8 Jul 20
Those who have followed me for a long time will know that I am a big fan of the director Terry Gilliam. He is indoubtedly the director I most resonate with and over the course of this lockdown I have had the pleasure of rewatching all of his films. I'd like to give a summary. Image
Most fans put his first films as the classic Monty Python movies, but in fact he was only an actor and animator in these films (Life of Brian and Holy Grail). Of the two, Holy Grail bears the most Gilliamesque mark thanks to his unforgettable animations of God and Dragons. ImageImage
Gilliam's directorial debut was in fact the piss-poor sub-Pythonesque "Jabberwocky". Though still light years ahead of Tim Burton's narcissistic Alice in Wonderland reinterpretation 40 years later, Jabberwocky was a poor debut by the fledgling creator. Image
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30 Jun 20
I often think about this "Trail of Blood" historical timeline that I've seen in Baptist churches. It clearly shows the inevitability that each established church will later split as it's more Bioleninist members take a swing leftwards to establish new power and authority.
I sometimes try to picture this timeline of Christian churches within an even greater timeline of Western religious thought from Mesopotamia to 100 years hence. Each established authority represents a moment when a norm was established but others would later "progress" past it.
Looking at this timeline I feel the futility of the "conserve" part of "conservatism". Change is constant, authority is fleeting. If you aren't moving "forwards" then you are standing still and becoming a distant reference point on the trail of blood. This is the left's strength.
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23 Jun 20

A lot of people out there think “Karen” is a fairly recent meme, but Karen has always been with us.

Before she was referred to by her first name, Karen was known to our ancestors as Mrs Grundy.
Though she has probably always been with us since ancient times, Mrs Grundy first entered modern public attention in 1798 when she was written as an unseen character in Thomas Morton’s play Speed The Plough.
In the play, Mrs Gundry first appears as a cowed audience to the accomplishments of Dame Ashfield. The character then became embedded in the public consciousness and transformed into a feared middle-to-old-aged female dispenser of disapproval.
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18 May 20
The UK’s dissertation season continues to provide deep lulz followed by depressing realisation.

I present to you some of the best dissertations to be released this week.

#1: Do I need a dick to be a male artist? Image
A sociological analysis of HIV rates amongst black British men who have sex with men in London. Image
Investigating Colourism and Black Feminism in R&B and pop-culture with a focus on Beyonce and Rihanna Image
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12 Nov 19
It’s Monday. You don’t want to come into work but you must, so at least you just want to complete your work as quickly as possible and get out.

That isn’t going to happen. You are not in the office to work. You are there to participate in social rituals and humiliate yourself.
You enter the office and the resident NPCs ask you how was your weekend. They don’t care but you answer anyway. You think of a safe & meaningless reply to end the ritual and not get into trouble. You tell them you walked in a park when really you lay in bed depressed & exhausted.
The NPCs tell you what they did. You don’t care, but they tell you anyway. They tell you about the amazing brunch they had. They tell you how great their kids are doing. You try to walk away but out comes a phone and now you have to look at photos of the brunch.
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