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21 Sep
1 #VaccinePassports #vaccineinjured
Look at the adverse reactions:
VigiAccess site which is the WHO collaborating centre for international drug monitoring.
Blood and lymphatic system disorders (81120)
Cardiac disorders (95800)
Congenital, familial and genetic disorders (1053)
Ear and labyrinth disorders (66964)
Endocrine disorders (2589)
Eye disorders (74568)
Gastrointestinal disorders (426587)
General disorders and administration site conditions (1249946)
Hepatobiliary disorders (3872)
Immune system disorders (28019)
Infections and infestations (128575)
Injury, poisoning and procedural complications (94992)
Investigations (265566)
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13 Sep
1 Vaccine Death & Injuries Thread
No More Silence
John Stokes – #Pfizer 2nd September 2021
Severe Adverse Reaction: Myocarditis Aged Just 21 Years #sackwhitty nomoresilence.world/pfizer-biontec…
@CMO_England @DrGregorSmith @NicolaSturgeon @sajidjavid @Drs4CovidEthics @devisridhar
Greyson Follmer – #Pfizer May 2021
Severe Adverse Reaction: Myocarditis – Inflammation of the Heart, Severe Heart Pain.
@CMO_England @DrGregorSmith @NicolaSturgeon @sajidjavid @Drs4CovidEthics #sackwhitty @devisridhar nomoresilence.world/pfizer-biontec…
Brooklyn Neal – Pfizer 26th June 2021
Adverse Reaction, Collapsed with Convulsions within 24 hours of the Vaccine
@CMO_England @DrGregorSmith @NicolaSturgeon @sajidjavid @Drs4CovidEthics #sackwhitty @devisridhar
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5 Sep
1 SNP - #Scotland
Look what @NicolaSturgeon is doing to Scotland.
The heartbreaking scenes has prompted calls for urgent talks on child poverty.
Hundreds of demonstrators are gathered at Holyrood to protest against plans to reform a gender recognition law.
Children as young as four will be able to change gender at school without their parents’ consent following new advice from the SNP Government.
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5 Sep
When the Leader of the SNP and Scottish Government "Block" ordinary people for holding them to account by using their own data you know we are winning .
The people are the opposition
@ukcolumn @L4L_UK @BigBrotherWatch
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20 Aug
Vaccine Deaths Thread
JAN 9, 2021
(VIDEO) Gregory Michael: “Very Healthy” 56-Year-Old Doctor Dies 2 Weeks After Receiving #Pfizer’s COVID-19 “Vaccine”
FEB 27, 2021
Mishary al-Balam: 48-Year-Old Actor From Kuwait Dies 2 Weeks After First Dose Of #Pfizer COVID-19 “Vaccine”
FEB 13, 2021
(VIDEO) Barton Williams: “Healthy 37-Year-Old” Surgeon Dies Weeks After Receiving Second COVID-19 Shot
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17 Aug
Government in Scotland has released guidelines for dealing with “transgender” students in classrooms, advising teachers to accept without question the self-assigned genders of children as young as four years old.
The guidance, spread across 70 pages, includes advice to teachers that they should acquiesce on gender-identity pronouns, regardless of the student’s sex, and to permit gender-confused students to use the bathrooms assigned to the opposite sex.
The document was drawn up by Shirley-Anne Somerville,@S_A_Somervillethe Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, and developed “based on the experiences of transgender young people,” with whom the Scottish Department for Education worked to create the guidelines.
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16 Aug
UK Gov. release 28th report on Adverse Reactions to the Covid-19 Vaccines
Adverse reactions reported to the MHRA from the 9th December 2020 through to the 4/08/21 and shows that 1 in every 142 people have suffered an adverse reaction to the Covid-19vaccine
The new report covers adverse reactions reported to the MHRA from the 9th December 2020 through to the 4th August 2021 and shows that 1 in every 142 people have suffered an adverse reaction to the Covid-19 vaccine. only 1% – 10% of adverse reactions are reported
As of the 4/08/21 there have been 52 reports of cardiac failure resulting in 6 deaths,17 reports of acute myocardial infarction resulting in 1 death,7 reports of myocardial ischaemia resulting in 2 deaths, and 156 reports of myocardial infarction resulting in 29 deaths #Pfizer
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