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23 Jun 18
#jinkook au

jeongguk was dared to go around his campus n pass out these business cards, it was all going fine until he gave his crush seokjin a card
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8 Jun 18
namkook au where jk is a diehard fanboy of kpop group bts and at a concert they call him on stage. everything was good until his ult bias puts his arm around him while rapping and jungoo just kinda shuts down in front of everyone
this probably won't get written or if it does it'll just b a lil drabble but i just rlly like the concept lmao
jungkook is a smaller youtuber that films and edits rlly aesthetically pleasing videos n does covers and bts' management had a fan contest where the top 5 contestants win vip tickets to bts' concert in seoul - and the person that comes in first place gets to come on stage at
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13 May 18
[#namkook au] 🌒

namjoon is a struggling college student and professional jungkook fanboy. one night he gets a little drunk with his roommate yoongi and decides to dm his idol asking him to be his sugar daddy, while live tweeting the event ofc.
how it began
the main boys accs
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