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^_* It is becoming clear that this is a pandemic of the unniancinated. Ultimately, the unniacinated are the super-spreaders. Please, #GetNiacinated
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28 Jul
@3dogsallright HCQ is a decent prophylaxis and has promising applications across the disease spectrum. Its autophagy-inducing properties are clear so it has its use, but I am not fond of its antiviral mechanism of action to impede endolysosomal formation, ...
@3dogsallright ... which then messes with our G-d-given & thermodynamic ability of endolysosomal development to then make enough NAADP to then recruit T cell targeting, killer cell killing, clearance of pathogens…
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27 Jul
SR-B1 - the co-receptor of ACE2 that if upregulated due to high esterefied (bad) cholesterol, allows #SARS_CoV_2 to enter (through HDL dumping plasma cholesterol back into tissue) and subsequently feast/replicate.

Flush niacin makes sure to keep it NOT upregulated = no #COVID19
Simple understanding of the human body / bioenergetic balance through lipids / cholesterol transport

Any “scientist” or “doctor” who does not clearly understand these simple things and the intrinsic intersection of niacin in this, is flat-out lying to you or has ZERO credibility
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26 Jul
Vaxxed - don’t be angry. Just get it out of you. It’s very possible. Likely. Very likely with SCENARIO IV / The 🦋 Method
#ButterflyMethod coming soon... for general health/prophylaxis and full recovery (from 🦠 and 💉), among other conditions & ailments.
#B3Protocol is metamorphosing...
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25 Jul
According to NHS’s latest data, the hospitalized death rate is seven times as high in fully vaccinated vs. unvaccinated
It’s not like this real-world presentation of mortality (& morbidity) for meaningless mitigation of #COVID19 wasn’t expected, per their own clinical trials results!

And note: this is in comparison to a failed adenovirus 💉 and not a real placebo (i.e. natural/acquired immunity)
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25 Jul
They report everything driving the virus and #COVID19, which niacin—on a literally causal, underlying level—counters, but they make ABSOLUTELY sure not to tell you about niacin. Instead, the studies literally only mention statins and Remdesivir.

You can’t make this sh*t up!
Then, “experts” like this NIH foot soldier (who some actually think is good guy trying to look out for them by saying 💉 should be choice) & many others, continue to just “ignore” the OBVIOUS main causative antidote in this entire pathogenesis, niacin, in favor of 💉 propaganda?
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25 Jul
Yes, simply a healthy lifestyle and the nutrients we need, mainly niacin, are so much more potent and suitable for our body’s and soul’s health than these synthetic biopharmaceuticals they prescribe to keep you sick for profit. Most doctors don’t know this or care to...
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24 Jul
I hope your slimy a$$ isn’t talking about this ... s t u p I d POS

This is why i will be suing @veryvirology for libel / slander
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22 Jul

There’s a not insignificant number of people who experience prolonged (sometimes seemingly permanent) side effects after stopping SSRI use, even if tapering protocol is followed.
Side effects can include genital numbing, decreased or no libido, ED, blunted emotions / inability to feel anything. It’s hell. I think a lot of suicides put down to ‘depression’, when SSRIs are involved, could be related to this.
They’re giving SSRIs to young people, old people, everyone, LONG HAULERS EVEN and prescriptipn rates spiked during the lockdowns. IIRC I saw a BBC article reporting thousands of 1 year olds being put on SSRIs. Sicko shit. Again, even LONG HAULERS by your FLCC / IVM heroes
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22 Jul

Following the activation of platelets, the expressed GPIIb/IIIa surface receptors bind a circulating protein called fibrinogen, which comprises about 4% of total blood protein…
Intervention: The B-vitamin niacin, which is well known for being heart-healthy, exerts some of its cardioprotective actions by lowering plasma fibrinogen levels, thus attenuating the proclivity for platelets to aggregate and form a clot.….
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22 Jul
Not ONE person is suffering, dying, or acquiring #SARS_CoV_2, variants, or #COVID19 if they remain sufficiently supplied by simply supplementing w/ main compound which its lack + depletion has unequivocally been proven to be cause of entire pathogenesis. @CDCDirector knows this.
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22 Jul
How is not just failing to prevent but even in a sense, causing #COVID19 worth the risk of even a bruise on your arm or the effort needed to roll up your sleeve, let alone serious, disabling, even lethal adverse events?

How is this trying to be mandated or even suggested?
Literally, CIGARETTES are a better tool.

Understand why
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21 Jul
More faulty immunotech damage control by #B3Protocol
And more damage control for #B3Protocol, REAL HEALTH SCIENCE, against the faulty immunotech metamaterials 💉....
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21 Jul
My university, UNC, would have stopped #COVID19 as early as March 2020 when I first relayed them niacin, had they listened to me rather than tried to suppress me, even institutionalize me, even threaten my mom. They knew I was right & chose to go ahead w/ crimes against humanity.
Understand the levels of their crimes against humanity
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21 Jul
I think this is an important question to ask. If forced to get the 💉, which is the “safest”?

I want people to make sure to prevent injury and recover as smoothly as possible with application of #B3Protocol.

In my opinion, based on their RCTs, it would be Murderna, but...
For more to compare the safety based on their own RCT data (I wouldn’t touch especially the JNJ given it’s likely more potent as one dose)...
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20 Jul
Along w/ some minor tweaks, I will be adding section for these detox/scooper-like components to updated #B3Protocol

Will expedite clearance of heavy metal toxins, mainly oxidative ferritin, accumulating/overloading in nerve cells, explaining neurological #COVID19-related sequela
Add chlorella
Will have a Spanish version of updated protocol too!
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20 Jul
My people and I need to get in touch with this MitoSynergy’s Charlie Barker and his people ASAP
The synchronicity is inspiring - this could be a game changer
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19 Jul
Anyone who has gotten #COVID19 and/or the 💉... have you noticed a glowing Kayser–Fleischer ring that encircles the iris of the eye (you can check easily with black light as so)?
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