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1 Apr
Having read the #SewellReport carefully, I’m going to focus on the education piece with some general comments about the approach.
1) I think it is important to note that the recommendations of government commissions do not gain as much traction as policy (see previous commissions on a whole range of subjects). In that light, the recommendations are not as valid as they are made out to be.
2) The notion of ‘participation’ used in the report is very strange indeed. Participation in politics in a democratic society is all the things that have been mentioned as happening in the periods before. You would think that pluralism would be well understood. It is not.
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31 Mar
Will be reading/commenting on the #SewellReport in full after I’ve read it carefully but this is very interesting indeed. Michael Young’s work on ‘powerful knowledge’ used to justify the conclusion.
The problem is, Young’s work is not as secure as people seem to suggest.…
I think it is very interesting to think about who is not on the commission and the coverage of the non-disclosure agreements participants in the commission had to sign.
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