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12 Sep
j*ws in every top US government position, every politician goes to kiss solomon's temple & pray for its reconstruction, we pay isra*l billions of dollars per year, and people think that it's "a distraction" to point out that we are literally their vassals
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12 Sep
are wh*res finally becoming sentient? nope they're just blaming men for their own actions again
roastie feminist blames "the patriarchy" for shit normalized by roastie feminists... many such cases
w*men are wh*res precisely because society is anti-patriarchal. give them "freedom" to do whatever they want & they default to this shameful behavior. ofc you can partially blame the influence of the media, left, etc but w*men know that, for them, sex = power, & they want power
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10 Sep
name & shame thread of v*x / v*x passport / v*x mandate shills on RW twitter

if u see a bigger account shilling v*x stuff, sent tweet, I will add it to thread. v*x itself is obviously dangerous and ineffective but the passports/mandates are what really counts
no tweets from before B L M riots. that's a reasonable cut off point

TL;DR of why v*x etc is bad :
v*ccines -> v*ccine passports -> digital identity -> smart cities -> social credit system -> no more political dissent ever -> eternal slavery
more info on v*x etc

you can also use this risk calculator to find out your approximate risk of dying from c*vid
it's less than 1 per million for healthy people under 30 and 0.007% for healthy people under 60
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9 Sep
this is the exact problem with moldbug. he gives people a handy out so they don't have to admit that the NWO exists and is a world-spanning, multi-century, organized conspiracy with specific objectives/end goals, because that's twoo scawwy to think about (and too "anti-s*mitic")
a conspiracy doesnt have to be perfectly centralized led by one figure. it's not like the communist world revolution was headed solely by Lenin and they still managed to orchestrate a synchronized violent uprising in almost every single European country from 1917-23
because they had networked with each other behind closed doors for decades scheming away in the various socialist internationals (which is centralization to a degree) and they all agreed on the basic principles and end goal. same thing with modern elites
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8 Sep
you unmasked the conspiracy of gaining followers by posting good content. maybe you should try it sometime
+1500 followers in one month? there are dark forces behind this meteoric growth...
u should follow @kunley_drukpa btw
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2 Sep
great reset = destroying economies via c*vid/climate hoax

fourth industrial revolution = transhumanism, beginning with "digitizing" peoples "identities"

end goal is corralling all of humanity into smart cities to be tracked/monitored 24/7, lives controlled by AI/automation, etc
elon musk is gonna shove a microchip in your brain to regulate your thoughts and feelings, and bill gates is gonna turn you into a living breathing bitcoiner miner
and the UN is gonna tag you with a digital identity barcode, like a stray dog, using bill gates mark of the beast technology
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2 Sep
calling it now: it will be feminism or kangz
btw the woman in OP is president of humanists uk (local branch of humanists international), which was founded by the fabian society and is part of the united nations
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22 Aug
>post fake reconstruction made by amateur deviant artist
>lies about the science

"heh i see the white people didnt like that one 😏"

die ewige anti-white swarthoid Image
I may be "racist" but at least I'm honest. these anti-white geneticists just straight up lie about genetic data that people can easily go out and verify themselves
the idea that yamnaya looked like subcontinental indians is just insane. they had the same skin pigmentation genes as modern Europeans. that reconstruction is darker than middle easterners who have less light pigmentation genes than yamnaya
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19 Aug
"why do some Afghans look white???"

you've probably heard a bunch of theories like "they're descended from Alexander the Great's army!" but here's a quick TL;DR explanation of the actual history/genetics

firstly, the vast majority of Afghans look Middle Eastern, not like this Image
Afghanistan was originally populated by people who probably looked like these guys. Iranians derive 85% of their ancestry from the ancient native population of Iran, which also extended into central Asia, including Afghanistan ImageImageImage
in 2000 BC, during the Bronze Age, central Asia was invaded en masse by people who were ethnically near-identical to modern Northern Europeans - same pigmentation, facial structure, etc.

these two populations merged over the course of millennia, and the result is modern Afghans ImageImageImageImage
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3 Jul
ok time for thread on Foucault's analysis of how power is expressed in modern democratic libtard society

I'm gonna simplify his takes a lot, skip the leftist mumbojumbo, and give examples of how his analysis can be used from a rightwing pov Image
this is gonna be a long-ish thread btw but it's very useful info I promise
power was a central theme of Foucault's works; he analyzed how rulers expressed and maintained power throughout history as societies and forms of government evolved, and was particularly interested in how power is expressed in contemporary libtard democracies, in which, there are
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