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2 May
Pay wall but fuck @BusinessInsider I'll do my followers a favor and post it all. long one:
>We're living through a fascinating moment in financial history, according to Phil Toews Speculation is running rampant in multiple parts of the market...

2)stocks, cryptocurrencies, NFTs — pushing prices to strange heights.
Toews, who is the CEO and a portfolio manager at Toews Asset Management, which manages $2.2 billion in assets, told Insider on Thursday that investors have become blind to the insanity of some asset...
3)valuations which resemble those of tulipmania in the Netherlands in the 1600s, when tulip bulbs sold for what would today be hundreds of thousands of dollars.
"When you look back at Holland, you're like, 'That was so crazy, how could they pay that much for a tulip bulb. But..
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