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"a thinly disguised attempt at passing anti-Russian propaganda off as journalism" - Wikileaks
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26 Jul
By the President of #Portland’s @NAACP, condemning the agitators attacking the Federal Courthouse
And it’s one HELL of a read

1/n E. G. Mondainé writes that Malcom X came to believe that there was much white women could do for black equality:

“But I am quite certain that striking yoga poses nude on the streets of Portland, Ore., was not on his list of actionable items”
2/n “Naked Athena,” went viral, her unclothed confrontation with police earning her accolades as a brave ally of the cause. But I see something else: a beneficiary of white privilege dancing vainly on a stage created to raise up the voices of my oppressed brothers and sisters”
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29 Jun
Sometimes you look all around for agents and assets, witting and unwitting, of the Russian state and sometimes they just pop up on your feed saying they “served” [sic] with traitor Reality Winner @us_cybercom @gchq

Wow dude. Put down that borscht pot and step away
You love Russia the way I love @Schwarzenegger, Reality Winner defender (each image is full of his undying love for Putin and the FSB who didn’t do nuffin’ wrong)
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13 Apr
Thread: Some Harry and Meghan musings:

Did they make a big mistake unceremoniously dumping Canada for LA? Harry and Meghan may want the Hollywood lifestyle, but America has its rules.

1. If Harry becomes a US citizen the oath requires him to abjure all his titles.
2. So, no more Prince Harry and that would be an end to the short-lived Duchy of Sussex. Meghan Markle will never allow herself to go back to Meghan Markle.

What about a Green Card for Harry Markle? Could do, but then he’ll have to pay tax on all his worldwide earnings....
3. ...including any passive earnings his Dad leaves him from the Duchy of Cornwall. That money by the way is what Harry and Meghan live on. Dual taxation means the first $70k is sheltered but the rest of it... subject to UK AND US taxes.
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12 Mar
THREAD: Bill Barr’s Very Bad Day

(Coronavirus free)
2/n Trump is having the worst time of his Presidency. CV and market crash alongside Joe Biden crushing Bernie Sanders, seeing the Bros driven before him and hearing the lamentations of Rose Twitter
3/n this means that @JoeBiden will be President in a route. Trump is going to lose like he was Bob Dole or Michael Dukakis. That, in turn, means a new AG. Which means prosecutions.
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25 Feb
Dow Jones is down. Again. There may be some dead cat bounces but there will also be a pandemic. China’s economy has long been close to collapse because of its unsustainable debt. It is bound to collapse. There will be a global recession. Trump will suffer.
There is not too much any President could do but he has made it worse. No doubt @realDonaldTrump is going to lose and lose huge.

The disaster is a bad thing for the world, no doubts there. The end of Trump is, however, a predictable consequence.
Recession on @realDonaldTrump’s watch + his perennial unpopularity = he’s done
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15 Feb
Posting this away from the pinned thread that should be clean for Bill Barr research, but my working theory is that Barr is a coverup merchant (for ideology) but that he ALSO took backhanders along the way, and now has to cover up because his clients will permit nothing else 1/2
2/3 also believe that Barr has some unpleasant, non-financial secrets, and that a dual carrot/stick is being operated on him. For blackmail to be effective one does not say ‘do this or else’ you just let the other party know what you know.
3/3 Barr’s ‘imperial presidency’ past gives useful cover to his excessive, clownish and obvious interference for Trump now, but anyone who thinks this is motivated by other than greed / staying out of jail can make me an offer on my awesome bridge in Brooklyn (v reasonable price)
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31 Jan
1. Thread: I *think* that #MoscowMitch has allowed @SenSchumer to have limitless amendments, each with a two hour debate window.

Theoretically - Schumer could hold up this trial til November. He could force them to redo the witnesses vote or give up legislating anything else.
2. Of course, @chuckschumer likely does not have the political will to do this. But he COULD. Furthermore, this is about a *mistake* in the rules. @SenateMajLdr was so eager to play games with @SenAlexander that they overlooked their own rules. And Schumer sat on it. Chef’s kiss
3. However, as it’s a *mistake*, my bet is the Republicans sought to appeal it to Roberts informally - it’s clear what they meant, but it isn’t what they said. If I am correct, that means Roberts would have sided with Dems. He was never on the GOP side, ever.
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25 Jan
Thread: Joe Rogan and Bernie Sanders

This isn't the first time @JoeRogan has backed Bernie. When he did it in 2016, he was quoting Russia Today.
2. Joe Rogan, Sanders' favorite, also backed Julian Assange and argued that Russia didn't do it (Narrator: Russia did do it)
3. But this isn't a thread about @joeRogan and @BernieSanders shared love of Russia. It's a thread about racism.

Joe Rogan: "My gym shorts smell like an African prison riot."
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19 Jan 19
Top Ten Reasons You Should Never Believe A @JasonLeopold Byline…
2... And Number 8 Will Leave You Smiling!

@Buzzfeed “Reporter With Checkered Past” @JasonLeopold” says CNN…
3. That Time @JasonLeopold and @a_cormier_ reported @FBI was Investigating Russian Embassy Spending On “The Election” - But It Was Actually Russia’s Own Election…
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9 Sep 18
THREAD: Some iconic images of today's pension protests in Russia…

Nearly 1,000 people were detained by police, including children and the elderly.
2./ The protests were over the pension age being raised in Russia. This elderly man later collapsed.
3./ People around the world were shocked at scenes of police brutality, when ordinary Russians took to the streets without weapons. Crowds shouted "Putin is a thief!" #Россия #Москва #СанктПетербург
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7 Sep 18
@j_thetribe @TheRynheart So basically you are listing our readers in high places? Thanks Rynheart. Perhaps you thought that was a disservice. It wasn’t. Much appreciated :) cc @gchq @nsagov
@j_thetribe @TheRynheart @GCHQ @NSAGov Found this incredibly helpful information through @patsyresists, tagging in @naveedajamali thank you RB! So useful!
@j_thetribe @TheRynheart @GCHQ @NSAGov @PatsyResists @NaveedAJamali Saved all @TheRynheart tweets and images for a future piece. Cheers Ryn! :)
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9 Jun 18
THREAD: It looks as though the @AliWatkins -Wolfe story was more serious even than reported. While he was in a relationship with Watkins, Wolfe was married to the head of @FBI physical security
As @kenklippenstein points out, Jane Rhodes-Wolfe had 20 years @FBI. It must be a concern that info she told her husband went to @AliWatkins, including, perhaps, who came and went in the building
There was a 30 year age difference between @AliWatkins, who is physically attractive, and James Wolfe, who is not. While in relationships, we love people for diverse reasons, this looks improbable as a real love story.
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3 Jun 18
It's handbags at Red Dawn on Team Treason.

Team Manafort vs Team Trump.
Mr. @NunbergSam account is always an interesting read. Here's something else he RTed, no pun intended:
Meanwhile, @RealDonaldTrump is casting genuine shade on @PaulManafort, not fake shade. How can we tell that? Because Trump RTed @CLewandowski_ . Now, isn't that the ultimate shade, @NunbergSam? Manafort had Lewandowski fired and they hate each other, are we right?
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10 Apr 18
THREAD: Many people are blocked by @MichaelCohen212. And thus, Patribotics presents: “Says Who Says” - the Wit and Wisdom of #MichaelCohen
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29 Sep 17
Thread What if @FBI seeking info on #RISistance? As we have reported, #Resistance is penetrated by Russian Intel…
As we have reported, the leadership of #Resistance is penetrated by Russian intelligence and under FBI investigation…
We reported on "TellYourReps".com, a website pushed by Rogue POTUS Bannon and the @MarchForTruth17 account…
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