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13 Jul
Thread: Presidential Elections have Long been a sporting event to my nerdy ass - like the olympics. Polls and Debates and Primaries and all the other various statistics are more exciting to me than who won more gold medals or a win/loss record.

That changed this year. -1
Nobody expected COVID and the devastating losses it is bringing. Nobody expected our government to act more like Syria than the functional government we were used to when it hit.

On top of that, the criminality at the very top is out of control. -2
Which leads me to this moment.

COVID isn’t going away. The criminals will still be around for at least six months.

But my favorite sport has been ruined and I just want to come out the other end of it, knowing that Biden will coordinate a federal COVID Response
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26 Jun
Thread: You know what makes this story so much better?

That it sprang from the Mueller Investigation!…
After seeing this story, I did a bit of digging.

Andrade filed a complaint in a separate case related to this regarding Civil Forfeiture that he was set up by the Government after Abramoff tried to extort him.

Jack didn't waste any time include Dana Rohrabacher in this
Wait - Jack Abramoff partner with JARED FREEKIN KUSHNER in this "corrupt" project?

Andrade is pissed and posting here -
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3 Jun
Yesterday in Maryland, At least 800,000 people braved protests/riots and a Pandemic to vote in Presidential primaries that have already been decided.

Around 100,000 of them voted for someone other than Biden or Trump.

Can we just cancel the primaries and keep people safe?
Yesterday in Washington, At least 80,000 people braved protests/riots and a Pandemic to vote in Presidential primaries that have already been decided.

Around 18,00 of them voted for someone other than Biden...

What is the point? How much was mail in?
Yesterday in PA, 2 million people braved protests/riots and a Pandemic to vote in Presidential primaries that have already been decided.

200K+ of them voted for someone other than Biden or Trump.

Did they let people do mail in?
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31 May
Everyone needs to read this book ASAP. Bukovsky was able to get into the KGB archives and copy thousands of documents.

He’s a right winger so he covers Soviet infiltration of the left in his book.
BUT in my conversations with him before he passed, he acknowledged that they had been targeting the right in recent years.

Here’s a document when they talk about infiltrating the black panthers and inflaming racial tensions.
Seems familiar right?…
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26 May
My father had a medical emergency Sat but he refused to get because he was scared of COVID.

He finally went on Sunday.

They had to put him in the ICU, but but they had to transport him 40 miles to Boston because the 12+ hospitals between are filled with COVID patients
They tell him there are no COVID patients on his floor - only above and below, but he doesn't believe them.
My mother - across the country - had to have Lung Cancer surgery a few weeks ago, and they had to do the same thing. She has to go back again in a few weeks.

Both of them are terrified of getting COVID. I can't visit them. Neither are over 70, but they're both high risk.
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17 May
UNFORTUNATE TRIP REPORT: Today, I went to a grocery store in Southern NH.

Upon arrival, there was a sign "Per the Governor of NH and CDC guidelines, all people entering the store must be wearing masks

(in small letters - please practice social distancing. )
The Couple in front of me had no masks on. The guy to my right had it over his mouth but not his nose.

Two teenage kids stood at the door - counting to make sure they didn't hit capacity.
I walk in and of the two people at the customer service desk, only one had a mask on.

There were signs making every aisle one way.

Going down the first aisle was fine - most people wearing masks and socially distancing.

And then I got to the deli.
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6 May
Republicans in 2000: We are compassionate conservatives! We swear!

Goes to unneeded wars, let’s Russian assets hold forums in the halls of congress, tortures people, and Jack Abramoff.
Republicans in 04: Lol, this guy isn’t a real veteran.! Real vets vote republican
Republicans in 08: LOOK A BLACK DUDE, he must not be born in the US. Lipstick on a pig
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3 May
I'm one of "those" who never deleted Facebook.

Every Local group I am a member of is filled with people complaining about fascist rules and the constitution, about pro-maskers,"real" death number which is "much" lower. They're willing to risk the lives of others...for what?
They're talking about how people like me are fascist scumbags who are living in fear of this, how we should open up because its only killing the elderly, and how they're willing to drive from Boston to Kittery, ME next week to get a fucking haircut.
These aren't bots. They're not trolls. They're well respected member of every local community.

Hundreds of thousands are going to die and the President is letting it happen.

This was Putin's last move on the chessboard. Now, how do we get the asteroid to finally come?
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28 Apr
Somewhere on Earth 2, President Clinton has flattened the curve after shutting down the country in Feb. We have thousands of people doing contact tracing and we are lucky only a few thousand perished.

Meanwhile failed Candidate Trump angry tweets while Erik Prince is sentenced
Somewhere, on Earth 3, President Kasich has initiated a massive Contact Tracing initiative while ordering masks for every single American.

Meanwhile Trump retweets Alex Jones conspiracies about the Pandemic
Somewhere, on Earth 4...President Trump has come down with the Coronavirus and Vice President Putin has been caught shopping the gold from Fort Knox to Russia
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27 Apr
How many victims of COVID would be alive today if Trump had listened to the warnings in early January and not waited two months ago?
How many victims of COVID would be alive today if - on Jan 17 - the CDC and Trump started working together on airport monitoring?
How many victims of COVID would be alive today if - on Jan 25 - Trump took Xi seriously?
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16 Apr
Thread: COVID and a Chinese Lab? Thoughts.

We know China lied. The Extent of the lie ranges from the accepted "# of cases and death" to to "Poor Lab security" to bioweapon

Honestly? I came into this knowing China was a bad actor. Nothing that comes out changes that
We know that a lot of Western Countries totally failed to understand what was happening, partially because of incompetent leadership and partisanship, and partially because of China lying.

Those people are also at fault.
If China Developed a bioweapon, Trump is still a bad actor doing a disservice to this country.
If China lied because that is what dictatorships do, Trump is still a bad actor.
If China had bad lab security and this escaped, Trump is still a bad actor.
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10 Apr
Thread: Coronavirus and the models surrounding it.

Here’s the thing: Nobody has any idea what the hell is going on and that’s scary as hell.

We keep seeing numbers increase but what does it even mean? Are we nearing a peak? Is it going to end?
Is the Rose-colored-glasses model from IHME accurate? Is the Imperial college one accurate?

For one, the university of Washington assumes that everyone is going to just lock down when it gets’s already bad and people aren’t locking down. We aren’t China.
HOW does anyone think we can mode anything with all the lies and misinformation out there. China says the R naught is under 2....the rest of the world shows a more catastrophic number.

We aren’t testing enough people.
We aren’t collecting enough data.
We just don’t know enough.
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29 Mar
Thread: The Rise of Trump, as told by the movies.
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28 Mar
The Trump Ascendancy - as told by the the entertainment industry.

The Year is 2004: TV Producer Mark Burnett decides it is a good idea to make a TV show where a failed controversial businessman gets to tell people "You're fired."

Putin watches and thinks.
2011-2012: Shortly after the silly reality show ends, Russia decides it wants to control the country. It sends one of its Red Sparrows over to infiltrate the lonely old men of the republican Party…
In 2014-2015, Russia decides the sparrow has done its work - and activates its biggest asset…
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21 Mar
I know seven people in self quarantine that are exhibiting all the symptoms and have been refused testing.

I know hospitals in NH are becoming overwhelmed.

I know that young people are dying from this and are somehow not being counted in the corona count.
I know that the National guard is hearing that they are being deployed to stop interstate travel.

What scares me about this is that the data is so incomplete, that the government isn’t telling us the whole story, and that we don’t know what the future holds economically.
I’m a stats nerd and always have been, but the numbers I run are totally incomplete and that’s sorta terrifying.

I’d like to see a # of how many people died of anything each month for the past six months in China, Korea, Iran, and Italy. The jump in numbers would tell us a lot
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19 Mar
Some of you don’t think this outbreak is a big deal, that it’s just a bad flu. Some apparently think this is a liberal conspiracy.

The reality is that China failed the world in its initial response and then every country in the West failed by refusing to act quickly.
A recent study said that the only way to avoid MILLIONS of deaths in the US is to basically lock down the country for a year - to allow for a vaccine to be mass produced.

We are going to have to ignore our political differences and work through this together. .
People that we know are going to get very sick and die.

We will all remember and look back upon this national tragedy as a time that either united us or drove us further apart. It is time to unite.
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18 Mar
Short thread on the Pandemic and Trump:

Here’s the thing: Trump sucks. He worked with our enemies to get elected and got impeached. He’s terrible at Public Speaking and he’s a criminal. He should be in jail for life.

BUT, he’s what we are stuck with until November.
Yes, he failed initially and may have made this worse, but it was always going to be terrible. It’s also not his fault China hid this for a while. We can vote him out in eight months by mail in ballot and be done with him
For me, a global pandemic that could kill hundreds of millions and result in a worldwide depression and 18 months of quarantine means that it’s time to put politics aside.

Got a family member or friend that you stopped talking to over politics since 2016? Make sure they’re ok.
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15 Mar
Coronavirus trip report: I do all my normal shopping on sundays so this isn’t freakout shopping.

Note: I tried to do a Walmart pick up order, but the site is overwhelmed.

The parking lot of Market Basket in my NH town is overwhelmed by people from Ma freaking out.
All border stores are hit hard. I’m driving a half hour north to go to one.

The parking lot is full at the first Dunks I see
The hair salons are still packed. The local Y is packed
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14 Mar

According to Wikipedia, the delegate count is currently 889-735.
AZ, FL, IL, OH and Mariana Islands are up on Tuesday.

I don't know about NMI but Biden is ahead in the other 4 states.

Biden is going to come out of Tuesday ahead ~1208 to 999
GA and PR are up next. Biden is polling well in Georgia, and Clinton trounced Sanders there.

Biden will come out of this day ~1296-1066
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14 Mar
@brycejabroni @Gaslit_Nation Because of math? There are 577 delegates up for grabs Tuesday. None are good Bernie states.

After Tuesday it’s going to be ~1230-850

A week later is Georgia which Bernie also is polling poorly in. 1290-895

April 28th Bernie might do better...but that’s still 1590-1260
@brycejabroni @Gaslit_Nation Oh and early April he might close the gap a little bit more in Wisconsin Alaska and Hawaii, but Bernie’s ONLY shot right now is to win huge margins in NY and PA on 4/28 and hope that that propels him to win all the states in May and June too.
@brycejabroni @Gaslit_Nation There are 560 delegates up for grabs in May and June. He MIGHT win Oregon and Montana. The math just isn’t in his favor
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13 Mar
@Gaslit_Nation "Going to start" is different than "Have started"

Stop arguing with me over nothing, jesus.
@Gaslit_Nation Here: Supply chain is disrupted.…
@Gaslit_Nation Oh and here's another story confirming what I've been told.…

Now stop being irresponsible and trying to discount the real problem that's going to happen.
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