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26 Jun 20
Absolutely yes, but when you have meager basic salary < 25K for max employees, 10-15% subscription PM is nothing.

The corpus after all is market linked and at the time of retirement you may get as little as 2000 PM pension.

Family pension in case death in harness & 1/4
assured minimum pension under #NPS is need of hour.

Presently family pension upon death in harness allowed provisionally in center govt services but not in state govts and PSU/PSBs.

Yes, the load of pension on govt exchequer has increased but pension gives social security 2/4
Assured pension ensure that a govt servent do not need to indulge in corruption as his old age is secured.

Assured pension ensure self respect and sense of pride in old age.

Assured pension helps the families whose bread earner die in harness. 3/4
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14 Jun 20
This is irony sir📌

I am again compelled to say it again

"Poor offrs need more than rich sailors"

Be it reservation in Group A jobs, Be it purchase through CSD, be it ECHS everywhere the bigger pie eatan leaving no/less space for JCO/NCOs. 1/2
I fail to understand why a JCO/NCO who possess the qualification can not be given benefit of reservation for Group A and B post which are exclusively reserved for retired commission offrs.

It is when unlike offrs we have no liberty to serve till 54 yrs if not promoted.
We compete exams even if thrown out and they are served posts on platter exclusive reserved for retired offrs??

There is no attention of ending parity of JCO/NCOs vis a vis their civilian counterparts but the rant of NFU is as high as SKY.

Guard, AC coach attendent, LDC, peon
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10 Jun 20
In all welfare schemes for soldier/veteran @adgpi authorities at the helm of affairs not @indiannavy

The total hijacking done by one service where the colonial mindset is very prominent making the schemes biased.
I am sure picture wojld have been different it @indiannavy and @IAF_MCC also remain at the helm of affairs because there is fair treatment to sailors/Airmen in these services and welfare is taken care with logics.

But the present system in the schemes like #csd #ECHS and #DGR
Is highly rank obsessed where no logic except rank for priority and bigger pie in the budget of these welfare schemes derives the rules.

Rank define higher pay, perks and some inbuilt privilages but all the welfare scheme which run on Govt funds or contributory..
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7 Jun 20
General saab, any guess why all these cases happens to be the JCOs/NCOs only??

Can you please remind in recent past you have come accross a #ECHS beneficiary officers or dependents refused admission in military hospitals.

Again am forced to say it #Discrimination sir.
You raising the questions and becoming the voice for jawans deserve General #salute but still you are not reaching the moot question, why it happens with JCO/NCOs only??

If you figure out the root cause analysis all problem will be solved.
No govt decide whom to admit, whom not to? Our people are at the helm in #ECHs and in #MHs, they decide things. This case was above 25 years I can give you case of self and entitled family also refused admission in R&R.

We have to first solve the mystry why it happen to JCO/NCOs
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1 Jun 20
Well said Gen @satbirsm saab, Doc treat illness not rank.

This is an isolated incident, but these so called isolated incidents happens only with other ranks, why??

I have never heard a medical offr serving/retired abusing any officer serving/veteran or family?
Tell me any case if you remember sir?

There are enough reason to say it "DISCRIMINATION" and biggest is that this happens only with other JCO/NCOs.

Don't say that in all cases only other rank are culprits?
The prejudice minds and baised approch of favoritism to brother offrs is when opposed by upright veterans and equal members of contributory scheme, becomes reason for the scuffles in polyclinics.
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