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I've been Hodling $AMC since January, definitely not leaving 🚀🌘! I AM ALL IN AS I LOVE THE STOCK! 💎🙏🏻💎. FYI: A lot is ALWAYS 2 words!
12 May
@TradesTrey BEWARE: If anyone is considering borrowing their AMC shares due to the high borrow rate, you should know, in the Apex fine print it states, if your shares are borrowed at the time of record date by AMC, you'll lose your right to vote. The person who is
@TradesTrey currently holding/borrowing , will actually get your voting rights! This could be another reason why, they are not covering at such a high borrow rate and could be hoping people will be tempted to get that interest and not realize they'll lose their voting rights. Just a
@TradesTrey thought and may be a crazy thought, but I wouldn't put it past the hedgies. PLEASE SHARE JUST TO BE SAFE AND MAKE SURE EVERYONE IS AWARE!
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4 Feb
For the hedge fund companies, Wall Street, the media, and/or anyone else that doesn't agree with the #Retail investors buying #amcstock and saying #AMCtothemoon. In 2020 @AMCTheatres celebrated their 100th year Anniversary, as they were founded in 1920, and are the second biggest
share holder of the American market after Regal Entertainment Group! They have approx 1,000 theaters and approx 11,000 screens! In Feb. 2020 they paid their 24th consecutive quarterly dividend! This company has been successful for 100 years, as we all love to go to the movies
with our friends and families! Why do people like @jimcramer think it isn't our right to determine what a company is worth, who is Wall Street to tell us, we are wrong for buying into a company that we want to save because we believe in it! We will continue to hold our shares
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