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13 Oct
since there’s people still looking at the thread i’m going to take this time to say that today i received so much more neg responses about me live translating the stream that i’ve ever had, some of them even being from people who speak spanish saying stuff like “why can’t he-
have anything for ourselves” and that’s really not why i do it for, i don’t do it to make it all about english talking people, i just want to help ???? also, please be aware that there’s a big chance a miss a lot of stuff cause i don’t get that much time to think since i’m +
LIVE translating, doing it in the moment he says it. and if sometimes it felt like i was missing so much it was probably stuff like “let’s go” “we got this” “im doing this” “you do that” and stuff that is pretty much common sense if you’re watching the stream. please remember +
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13 Oct
livetranslating quackity (thread)

rt to help !!!! :D
you put on your oxxo shirt? and what do you want me to do? do you want me to do something about it? or what? (to the other guy)
they’re asking for us to get into the call let’s go let’s go, let’s hear what they have to say to us
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