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18 Sep
Reasons why the Agriculture Bills are being opposed:

Agriculture and markets being State subjects as per the Constitution, the ordinances are an encroachment upon the functions of the States. 1/4
Open up agricultural sale and marketing outside APMC mandis, remove inter-State trade barriers and monopoly of APMC. This might end the assured procurement of food grains at minimum support prices (MSP).
The mechanism for price fixation is not specified. This could mean exploitation of farmers at the hands of corporate houses.

Cereals, pulses, oilseeds, edible oils, onion and potatoes are removed from the list of essential commodities & may lead to hoarding and black mkg 3/4
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17 Sep

Both share the birthday today.

Periyar is a legend in TN. He's the 'Father of the Dravidian movement', the Socrates of South India.

Fought against Brahminical domination and caste inequality in TN.
A feminist, he championed the cause of women's rights - equal rights to property and birth control. Ridiculed the concept of women's 'chastity' and sought the abolition of Devadasi culture.
NaMo's achievements -

Sports a beard like Periyar.


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13 Sep
Why is this govt bent on destroying the environment?

The CharDham project entails massive deforestation and destruction of mountain slopes which would cause IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE to the environment. It is a complete disaster in the making.
This project is just not needed at all but just for the fanatics to prove a point !

The region is already unstable (even without a road project). The rock quality is supposedly very poor and just not fit for any settlements.
By breaking up the 900 km project into smaller ones the devious govt has successfully circumvented environmental impact assessment!
And land acquisition norms, which had been made tough by the Congress, have been eased by this narcissistic govt to enable such purposeless projects
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1 Sep
For the Pardhi community, which has faced social ostracism and persecution, TikTok provided a great opportunity to earn money and popularity. Some gained thousands of followers each day. But the ban on TikTok has brought this to an end.…
They were once considered the children of the forests, but their identity took a beating when they, along with around 150 other tribes, were branded as a ‘criminal tribe’ by the British colonial government in 1871 for rebelling against the regime.
The Act was finally repealed in 1952, and they were denotified; while the rest of India celebrates its independence on August 15, these denotified tribes consider August 31 as their day of independence.
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31 Aug
Why the digital healthcare mission should be opposed?

It covers “personal and sensitive personal data” like financial details, physical and mental health, sex life, medical records, gender and sexuality, caste, religious and political beliefs, genetic and biometric records.
Data is to be stored at three levels – Central, state or UT and health facility. It claims ownership of personal data lies with the individual. However, anonymised data, in an aggregated form, may be made available for research, statistical analysis and policy formulation.
The digital health mission has already raised ethical concerns, scepticism that collecting more data is not the answer to India’s health problems and suspicion that such a system is tailored for corporate interests rather than providing affordable healthcare.
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16 Aug
For all those who've been mocking the R$S for claiming their invaluable role in freedom struggle, here's a thread of the list of freed0m fighters from their outfit.



That's the end. Thanks for reading.
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14 Aug
A few months back, there was a huge uproar over lynching of three people - two of whom were Bhagwa (ascetics) -at Palghar, in #Maharashtra.There was a massive outcry from the opposition BJP in MH to conduct a high level inquiry into it.
Attempts were also made to communalise it.
Inquiry revealed that #Islamophobic messages allegedly circulated on Whatsapp cautioning the people had been the reason for their suspicion, which ultimately led to lynching. 

This is NOT to condone the lynching.
Violence can NEVER be justified, no matter who perpetrates it. 
These residents are #tribals, who do not have any religion. But attempts have allegedly been made to saffr0n!se them by an outfit. The tribals are the original inhabitants of the place. LET THEM BE!
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