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11 Apr
skinny people over-exaggerating their fat rolls on camera to prove that “everyone has flaws” does nothing for the body positivity movement because they are STILL labeling fatness as a FLAW
it’s one thing to call your fat rolls an insecurity, because our fatphobic society does make people feel insecure, but calling it a FLAW is deeply problematic. this is what happens when skinny able-bodied white people insist on centering themselves in the body positivity movement
while you’re here, please give this a read. it changed my life as a fat person and i think all people — both fat and skinny — should read it at least once. highline.huffingtonpost.com/articles/en/ev…
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1 Apr
for #AutismAcceptanceMonth, here are some common autistic traits you should stop shaming people for:
• being a “picky eater”
• talking a lot (or not talking at all)
• not understanding social cues
• only wanting to talk about a few specific interests
• stimming

• not making eye contact (don’t accuse us of lying)
• intense emotions
• taking what you say literally
• struggling to keep up with the conversation when in large groups
• needing to wear headphones or earbuds, even when around people (don’t call us rude)

• forgetting to eat, go to the bathroom, brush our teeth, or shower. many of us don’t get signals from our body to do these things and it’s easy to forget.
• not having a job (the workforce is incredibly hostile to autistic people)
• living with our parents as adults

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9 Mar
I haven’t spoken on this yet for obvious reasons, but Emma has now threatened to sue me. All I did was call out her antisemitism, set the story straight later on, then block. The thread below gives context and shows her trying to contact me again. I just want to be left alone. 1/
Emma and I were mutuals, and once day I saw her reply to my friend. She admitted to being involved in alt-right spaces in her past and it felt like she was demanding forgiveness from said friend, who’s Jewish. They obviously got uncomfortable. Then Emma said something derogatory.
After seeing the antisemitic comments, a few other Jews and I got upset and made it clear that these biases clearly haven’t been unlearned. I tried to let my followers know, a good amount of whom are Jewish and/or have other marginalized identities, so they could block too.
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9 Mar
sooo.... the creator of the “5 love languages” is homophobic 😐
TW: homophobia, child abuse, conversion theory insinuated 5lovelanguages.com/2013/08/qa-my-…
He calls it a “lifestyle.” 5lovelanguages.com/2014/12/unders…
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8 Mar
TW: anti-Indigenous murder, rape

On #InternationalWomensDay don’t forget that 4 out of 5 Indigenous women face violence in their lifetime. They face extremely high rates of murder and sexual assault. Thousands of Indigenous women go missing every year. Thread of resources below.
Here are tons of educational resources and ways you can help.
Learn about the high rates of violence faced by Indigenous women: nativewomenswilderness.org/mmiw
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7 Mar
Support the Amazon workers’ strike from March 7-13th. Unless it is your only access to basic survival needs, DO NOT CROSS THE PICKET LINE. This means no Amazon Prime, no Prime Video, etc. ‼️‼️ Boost and spread the word.
amazon doesn’t even allow basic rights to their workers such as bathroom breaks. SUPPORT THE STRIKE FROM the 7th-13th. theguardian.com/technology/202…
REMIND JEFF BEZOS WHO HAS THE POWER. this is a man exploiting human beings while making $2,537 PER SECOND. he’s set to be the world’s first trillionare while his employees are living in hellish conditions. MAKE HIS POCKETS SUFFER.

Support the Amazon Strike from now to the 13th!
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7 Mar
if you want to get more involved in helping marginalized people in the U.S., support the Land Back movement, which aims to return land back to Indigenous people. It co-exists with reparations for Black people, so I’ll be linking Mutual Aid threads below. landback.org/manifesto/
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6 Mar
CN: police

have y’all seen this shit......
“policing with pride” 🤢 what the fuck
here’s the link if anyone wants go to join in the comments absolutely tearing this shit apart. vm.tiktok.com/ZMeMGTgY2/
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3 Mar
“I think I might be trans/non-binary, but I don’t even know where to start. How do I figure out my gender?”

If that’s a feeling you resonate with, here’s a thread just for you 🧵🏳️‍⚧️
Some quick disclaimers! So these tips are based off my personal experiences of being trans and things that have worked for others close to me. It won’t cover everything and not all of it will help every single person. These are just some beginning steps/ideas. Okay, let’s begin.
A lot of trans exploration spaces talk a TON about gender dysphoria, and that can be a major breakthrough for many. It can also be hard to identify.

Here is a thread specifically on recognizing gender dysphoria within yourself. It has lots of other helpful information too! ⬇️
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2 Mar
I want to talk about Disability and the mark of a thriving society


CW: ableism, societal and medical neglect, poverty, death, and a photo of human bones (it’s two tweets down)
Awhile back, I started doing some research into the history of disability. There have always been disabled people, but I wanted to learn more about their lives, their experiences, and most importantly, how they were treated by society. This led me down a mind-blowing rabbit hole.
There was a skeleton found in Vietnam that showed proof of physical disability. His remains were evidence that he was paralyzed as a teenager, but died as an adult, showing he was cared for.

Here are snippets from the same article (tinyurl.com/55xkw4bv) about another person: a collage of human bones labeled from A to F showing physicaThe International Journal of Osteoarchaeology describes the
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2 Mar
You know those random shivers you get sometimes? They’re called “adrenaline spikes” and they’re actually super common in autism, ADHD, anxiety disorders, and, you guessed it, PTSD.
It’s just your nervous system going “OH SHIT OH FUCK” absolutely unprompted.
more detailed info from texas a&m health vitalrecord.tamhsc.edu/asked-get-chil…
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28 Feb
i don’t understand how you could see what biden is doing right now and not become instantly radicalized. anyone who’s still a self-proclaimed liberal in this country is basking in ignorance, complacency, and the rationalization of pure evil.
he is bombing innocent people. immigrant children remain in “detention.” people are starving. people cannot afford insulin. if he was truly as progressive as he insisted, all of this would be resolved by now. but that was never his plan. that’s never the plan of anyone in power.
politicians are lying to us all in order to uphold the united states’ earliest ideals: white supremacy, capitalism, and colonialism. humanity will never achieve liberation under a “liberal” version of the U.S. government, because it can only run on this same ugly type of greed.
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27 Feb
how trauma damages our relationship with anger (and how to repair it): a thread 🧵
to start off this thread, i want to bring up an issue that i rarely i see talked about: the notion of goodness as defined by a LACK of anger or, to be more specific, the lack of expression of anger. this is an idea we especially internalize if we’ve been traumatized.
like lots of people, fear of abandonment or of further harm can lead to repressing our emotions, failing to establish healthy boundaries, being unable to self-advocate, and avoiding honest emotional communication with others.

i think the biggest emotion we shove away is anger.
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26 Feb
this is my quote that i wrote, verbatim with no credit. what the hell? :/
can y’all go comment and like... ask her to credit me. vm.tiktok.com/ZMe24B68o/
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22 Feb
what’s it like to experience psychosis? it’s like you’re playing a computer game where you have to sort color tiles. you’re usually okay at it, but sometimes you get a red tile, and just as you’re about to put it in the red box, you get a pop-up that says “THE TILE IS BLUE.”

Essentially, the brain is a biological computer responsible for sorting information. Sensory input is information we get from the world and we trust our brains to tell us what it is. But what happens when this process stops working?

What happens when you can’t trust your brain?
If you’re trying to sort information from the world, like color tiles in a computer game, you receive the input and determine what it is and what it means. You’re trying to trust your brain, but sometimes it lies to you. Not all the time, just sometimes. And that’s even trickier.
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21 Feb
goblins are literally creatures based off antisemitic stereotypes, for those who don’t know. just use corvidcore or gremlincore or come up with something else. every time i see a goyish person call themselves a goblin i cringe. please listen to jews on this one
the big tip off is that part of the “goblincore aesthetic” is obsessing over shiny objects... including coins. literal money hoarding. yeah. also if you even google what a goblin looks like it’s pretty obvious what’s going on there. so please... just drop it. goblin holding wooden shield and a metal sword. it’s wearigoblin in black garb and a sword creeping through a castle h
CW: antisemitic caricature, Nazism

and if you’re wondering “but jules, what about the goblins in harry potter???” then i’d like to remind you that they literally RUN THE BANKS.

oh, and here’s a photo of them next to some actual Nazi propaganda... so there ya go. photo of a jk rowling goblin in a small dress shirt holding black and white antisemitic caricature with a star of david
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21 Feb
ink masters is like “we found the best tattoo artists in the country for our competition” meanwhile half the people can’t even do a straight line
the judges: “this week we’re doing american traditional. you’ll need to do a tattoo of an eagle”
the contestants: “we’ve never actually held a tattoo gun before”
the judges: “you literally misspelled the lettering on the client’s tattoo”
the artist: “damn i didn’t know this was a spelling bee? the fuck?”
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21 Feb
sick of ruminating over all the people who hate me on here. i’m not a brand or an ideology you can denounce or support. i’m a person. sometimes i don’t word things perfectly, but the obsession people have with spreading random lies about me is deeply disturbing and it’s not okay.
the reason i’ve been posting less on here is because it is seriously detrimental to my mental health to be this hypervigilant. i get it. some of you don’t like me. i fucking understand. point taken. please just leave me alone. pretend i don’t exist if it makes you feel better.
the people who actually talk to me know that i don’t get online and try to actively harm my own community. we can disagree without me being a “supervillain,” as i’ve been called. stop propping me up in order to tear me down.

i’m just a fucking person with a twitter account.
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1 Feb
open this thread if you’re a victim of abuse ❤️ everyone else, please RT to help people find this.

p.s. there are TONS of resources at the end for identifying, validating, and coping with trauma. think of it as a compilation of all my affirming trauma-related content. :)
The abuse wasn’t your fault.

They gave you their own guilt to carry because they were selfish. They blamed you so they didn’t have to change. They tricked you to avoid responsibility. They LIED. You are good and always were. Listen: it’s impossible to *cause* abuse to happen.❤️
Yes, the abuse really happened.

Gaslighting is a technique abusers use to corrode a victim’s reality. If you’re questioning whether traumatic events even happened, that’s undeniable evidence that you *were *abused, because questioning your reality is a symptom of gaslighting. ❤️
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1 Feb
being triggered doesn’t always look like a hyperventilating panic attack. it can also be:
• dissociating
• shaking
• nausea
• a burst of anger
• dizziness
• chest tightness
• emotional flashbacks, where you feel how you felt during the trauma
• flare-up of chronic pain
signs of being triggered (cont.)
• loss of appetite
• hallucinations
• paranoia
• being unable to sleep
• forgetting where you are
• loss of auditory processing
• having trouble speaking
• crying spells
• age regression
• suddenly wanting to be alone
& much more
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31 Jan
i don’t know who needs to hear this but if you’re scared someone will react negatively to you setting a boundary with them, that’s concrete proof that the boundary is necessary.
while you’re here, i’m gonna drop my medical fundraiser! a service dog for my chronic pain and severe ptsd would be life-changing. even $1 or a simple retweet would mean the world 💜 gofundme.com/f/295xbhbe1c?s…
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