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पंजाब-सिन्ध-गुजरात-मराठा ||
29 May 20
Irrespective of party/ideology:
- we the citizens of India have provided food & transport to our economically weaker citizens.
- we the people have contributed to PPE/Sanitation products for frontline workers.
I am proud of each one of you who has contributed & keep contributing
What I’m not understanding is that we also pay taxes, directly & indirectly; even the poorest of poor contributes to national exchequer.
Yet, we’re not getting the social security that we expect from an elected government. Even state governments are not getting their share of GST
Where & how is the money being spent?
We will do charity for our fellow citizens, but isn’t this the responsibility of the government in the 1st place?
Why is my railways minister acting like he’s doing us a favour?
Why is my finance minister arrogant?
Who is my labour minister?
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