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23 Apr
Pyjamas are a psyop to make you a sleep deprived anxious worm. Sleep naked!
You should absolutely sleep naked because :

1- it lowers your body temperature which produces higher quality sleep.

2- Over time it increases self-esteem and decreases body image dissatisfaction.

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23 Apr
Promote female nudism, we don't need clothes at home, they make us look ugly, hide our curves, and our skin need to feel the energy that is around us more!
RETVRN ImageImage
Procures such a magnificent feeling to stay naked at home, at the bedroom for those who have kids, that they want us to monetize it and start an onlyfans, and guess what, we absolutely will keep this to yourselves and to our partners, too precious! Image
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21 Apr
Schmitt (1923)
vry important
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9 Apr
Based stuff Prince Philip said :

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"British women can't cook".
"You are a woman, aren't you?" In Kenya after accepting a small gift from a local woman.
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9 Apr
Too much noise is destroying your brain, and you need to control it and avoid it.

Exposure to excessive noise can cause :

> stress, poor concentration and productivity, communication and social issues, constant fatigue, insomnia and troubles sleeping...

> Can even lead to cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, tinnitus and hearing loss.
at least one million healthy years of life are lost each year in Europe alone due to noise pollution (and this figure does not include noise from industrial workplaces).
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8 Apr
No one can convince me that being Gay is normal :

-Thread -
-Claims that gay parents are just as capable of raising children as straight parents are misrepresented.
-Gays are more likely than straight people to have mental illness.
-46% of male homosexuals report being molested, as compared to only 7% of heterosexual men.
-The average gay man has several dozen sex partners per year.
-Over 20% of older homosexuals have had more than 500 different sex partners.
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6 Apr
I’m to autistic to understand humor tbh, I’ve been literally struggling with it especially with texts etc lmao I think the best way to know is to check if the person said 1) lol 2) try to read it as a joke and if it sounds like a joke then it’s a joke 3) last resort, just ask
I can’t believe I’m making a tweet about it but it’s a real issue 🥺
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6 Apr
15 things I've learned as a young girl at University :
1- Having principles, strict and rigid ones is extremely important. By setting rules to yourself and for yourself, you become mature and independent.
2- Avoiding people who drink, smoke and who party too much is self care.
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3 Apr
I love my sister but I have 0 tolerance for junk food.

She’s a med student and came today with a bunch of McDonalds. I took it and throw it away. She’s mad right now because she thinks I’m too much, but I don’t care at all about her feelings. That food is demonic.
Yes it’s funny how she is a med student and still didn’t develop the same disgust people have, I’ll make sure it happens!
It’s funny people freaking out about my relationship with her, as if it’s a big deal, just showed her the tweets 😂
Also, no, she has plenty of time to cook as she is just taking courses right now.
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18 Feb
I don't think that people understand how disturbing the Globohomo Art is. ImageImageImage
The degradation of Art, started with the Dada movement, in the early 20th century in Switzerland. Its pioneers: Picabia, Zdanevich, and Zappa, wanted to put an end to the logical structure that created the Classical/Neoclass Art. They published the Dadaglobe to advocate for it. ImageImage
From the “Dada Manifesto 1918” by Tzara.

Dada means nothing.

"Let each man proclaim: there is a great negative work of destruction to be accomplished. We must sweep and clean. " Image
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