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22 Nov 20
A note from rural America: I had to drive 2 hours to find the nearest covid rapid testing center. I waited in a parking lot in the rain for 4 hours to get the test which I still don’t know if my $320/month health insurance covered. I tested positive.
My parents, who had been exposed to me at a distance, needed to get tested for COVID & the closest testing center to Oark, AR said they might get their results in 7 days. Many of my parents neighbors in Oark are conspiracy theorists & refuse to wear masks.
Meanwhile, I called the health department to find out protocol for after I finished 14 days of quarantine. Should I get tested again to make sure I am negative? The health department said “no” and cited being overwhelmed.
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20 Nov 20
In honor of #TransDayOfRemembrance I’m sharing two stories that I reported out over the past three years. The beauty of following Karla & Michelle for so long is that I witnessed the arc of justice @Longreads google.com/amp/s/longread…
I wrote about Michelle, a trans woman from El Salvador who received asylum in the US & who is working & studying as she always dreamed @Longreads google.com/amp/s/longread…
And I produced a radio story for @reveal about trans women who migrate to the US & the story includes deeply moving testimony from an asylum court judge #TransDayOfRemembrance revealnews.org/episodes/trans…
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