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7 Mar 20
A rant about how PATHETIC #Pune airport is.

1. My parents are arriving at Pune later tonight. The only direct connection from Kochi to Pune happens to be at this ungodly hour. Other option was to take a hopping flight via Bengaluru and have them wait at the airport.
2. Since this is an ungodly hour, I will go to airport to pick them (didn’t want to trouble the driver who has his plate full tomorrow). Now Pune airport has 2 parking areas, both OUTSIDE the airport.
Yes, you have to LEAVE the exit gate to go to the Parking. Both require passengers to cross the road.

3. One parking area is a 3-4 min walk from the arrival gate. No problem about that. But the road is in a pathetic condition and dragging a luggage laden trolley is a nightmare
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