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RLD has been involved in hundreds of transactions in the Docklands property market totalling over 3 million square feet of property. RLD has expertise in all as
4 Jul 20
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30 Jun 20
@Andrewwood17 The Judgement is materially flawed on a matter of fact and the court has been misled in pleadings.Schedule Para 3 "Under the Charging Schedule in effect at the time of the DL, the development was zero rated for CIL" The consent order should be set aside. @RobertJenrick
@Andrewwood17 @RobertJenrick The Spreadsheet and Offer of Additional Housing is clear for all to see. Towerhamlets gambled with a Clear offer to Provide 35% AFFORDABLE BY Habitable Rooms, The Viability Valuation shows 27.5% affordable by Habitable room With a CIL £5,517,564 s.106 £5,973,167 respectively
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28 Jun 20
@Andrewwood17 The question is one of apparent bias the semantics of your use of the word illegal is laden with sophistry.
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28 Jun 20
@Andrewwood17 Hello Andrew I think Robert was very decent in his reference to you in his commons statement. You are not exactly without form on this though are you?… I question your political chops LBTH have been woefull in their conduct, You and Biggs should be resign
@Andrewwood17 Anyone who wishes to get at the truth of all this start here…
@Andrewwood17 then watch this
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