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19 Sep
Mitch McConnell’s position on a Supreme Court nominees. The facts.
If the media would do its job and educate the public, that the president has the constitutional duty to nominate a Justice within 24/48 hours of learning of a vacancy. Leave out the opinions and biases.
Democrats and the liberal media are turning Ginsburg's death in to a political riot. We must stand against them. The president must honor his constitutional duties. If the tables were turned, they'd steam roll right over the Republicans with a nomination.
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19 Sep
Going live @10 pm EST to discuss the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg with @smalltownandrew & guest @TrustGod7733. The election just got even more important. Stay laser focus patriots and move forward.
And the fight is on. Liberals and looking for every thing possible throw at the president. George Soros and Michael Bloomberg probably just hired a few more professional rioters to be on standby.
Brace yourselves patriots all hell is about to break.
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18 Sep
We need to see Joe Biden's list of potential Supreme Court justices. #RuthBaderGinsburg
Oh yes I went there.
Liberals all over are going nuts. Conservatives, people in general better get laser focus for this will be a crucial pick for the Supreme Court.
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17 Sep
Ahem... the Minneapolis city council members who pushed to defund the police are wondering where they are during the city’s time of need. Typical Democrats.
These nuts were the mains ones on TV extolling the virtues (if there is such a thing) of not having the police. Eat cake.
They created this situation with their liberal beliefs and actions and now they want it cleaned up. This is the bare essence of the Democrat party. Create laws and policies that go against common sense and protection.
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17 Sep
Obama and Democrats have not once called out these riots. Instead he has behaved as though these actions are warranted. But you’d think Obama would speak out, instead he’d rather see destruction...look at Chicago.
It all started when Obama was president and continued to this day. Failed policies in Democrat cities and states.
Now she see’s things differently after defunding the police. Silly liberal.
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17 Sep
Tick Tock Tick Tock...time is running out. Time to clean house.
Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi encouraged liberals to be destructive and threatening. Kamala Harris said it will continue. They want to intimidate the masses and scare you.
The hate they give.
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9 Sep
Look at the time line. Easy to create a story to match ones on timeline. When we have Fauci on record earlier on, saying Americans shouldn’t worry about Covid19. Woodward and others have been after Trump since 2016. It never stops. Image
Dr. Fauci the science the left always points to.
From the mouth of the doctor and scientist that the left trust. Fauci says no distortions from the president.
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14 Aug
Even the Post Office recognizes it won't be able to get it right with mail in ballots. The below headlines are from #FakeNewsCNN and WaPo. The struggle is real. #MailInBallots ImageImage
Even with absentee ballots you must prove who you are. Why not do the same with PO voting? Dems know there are no protective parameters around it so they want it.
Dems don't want a fair election. They don't want us to know who the president will be for months. Like a third word country election. This is dangerous.
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5 Jun
I'm live on Twitter.
@robjh1 and @spodek live discussing #GeorgeFloyd and the protest.
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5 Jun
The unseen asking the negative question is none other than @Yamiche. She and liberals are so afraid of blacks freeing their minds and voting with their pockets and not emotions. I guess she wants the Dems to keep their knee on black folks neck. #economy #GetYourKneeOffOurNecks
@Yamiche to answer your ridiculous question: had the economy not closed and Minnesota opened up #GeorgeFloyd wld have had a job and still be alive. As for blacks as a whole, unemployment was down before the virus and will go down again. I know this scares you and other liberals.
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5 Jun
@realDonaldTrump “Let Trump be Trump!” Just look at those employment numbers.
Let Trump be Trump! #economy #COVID19 #SocialDistancing
The liberal media doesn’t like the good job numbers at all. Fake news CNN spoke about the good numbers but had to add that unemployment for black and brown people was still high. They just want get their knee off black and brown people’s neck. #unemployment
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4 Jun
Once they take your guns and defund the police, black and brown communities are left defenseless. Wake up Black America. #GunSense
If you are outside pass your curfew, you aren't protesting you are into mischief. Roaches come out at night and when you turn the light on the scramble. Al Sharpton said that.
The violence against blacks take place in liberal cities and states. What gives?
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4 Jun
What is it like being a black America?
Democrats remove your knee from the neck of black people and let them breath and be free.
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1 Jun
These Democrat governors and mayors need to get this sh*t under control. These riots are not a result of #GeorgeFloyd being killed or decades of perceived racism. It's a result of failed Democrat polices.
Keith Ellison leading the charge to control things? Really? He has his own domestic abuse issues to deal with.…
Solve the problem kick out the Democrats and Rhino Republicans.
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31 May
@RudyGiuliani Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani speaks out against the rioting and looting in big liberal cities where Democrat mayors are in charge.#GeorgeFloyd #riots
Time to put aside liberal ideas. These ideas are tipping our cities apart.
The rioters are no better than the police officer who killed #GeorgeFloyd and the liberal mayors and governors no better than the police who stood by did nothing to help Floyd. #Rioters
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31 May
It's always called a protest by liberals until it gets out of hand and then they seek to stop it. After biting the hands that feed them, over the poor actions of a few, police come in to help. #GeorgeFloyd #protesters #AntifaThugs
These liberal governors and mayors did a better job keeping people in shut down over the #Coronavirus
Democrats celebrated this and now look it has gotten out of control. The road back will be hard.
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30 May
Killer Mike pleads with rioters not to burn and destroy. #GeorgeFloyd
Killer Mike calls out #FakeNewsCNN. Doubt seriously they will listen.…
CNN is yet to respond to Killer Mike's call out. Instead they are trying to blame everyone except themselves. They are the cause of these riots. They are as guilty as the cops who stood by and allowed #GeorgeFloyd die. Guilty.
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29 May
I simply don't get it. How is tweeting "when the looting starts, shooting starts" promoting violence compared to people coming out saying "shoot the white folks" or promoting death to the president? Contrary to what Biden said I'm black and support @Donald
What has changed the political landscape? Obama called Baltimore rioters thugs.…
Twitter is acting as a publisher.
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26 May
I don’t care what this man has done. This was excessive force. What the hell was the officer thinking? Mind you the police chief in Minneapolis is black and there was a black officer on the scene. #excessiveforce
Before this become to political, I hate to point this out but I will, under Obama more blacks were killed by police than any other. Just saying.
You don't riot and tear up your own community. #PoliceBrutalityPandemic
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22 May
Churches are essential. We all need to pray. #ChurchIsEssential
The liberal media is quiet about churches being burned. Really sad.
Why is the media so against people going to church but are ok with people getting abortions or buying alcohol? If you don’t want to go to church and deem it unsafe don’t go.
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22 May
This is how Dems view blacks. At some point black people must wake up and see who the real racist are. #blackvote
Clearly this won't keep blacks from voting from Biden. The same way his absentminded ways won't. The liberal media is pushing senile Biden on the population and like cows headed to the slaughter they will follow.
I guess I'm not black. Disgraceful the way Dems treat blacks and blacks allow it. Like sheep to the slaughter. Stop the madness. No wonder Dems do nothing for blacks. Why should they if they aren't held responsible.
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