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13 Jun

At the beginning of the pandemic repos were loaned to the big banks for raise their bar in terms of liquidity. The banks were also given direction to not charge the people late fees. This was all to help (in a trickle down fashion) the regular Jane and Joe.
What the banks did was lend a shit ton to hedge funds who went buck wild on the market shorting everything because of the effects of the pandemic. No a couple weeks ago when the banks where's called to that special session and grilled by the senate committee for continuing to
charge late fees making (money even) there was a clear signal that the tides were shifting on the banks. There will be no bailout... And with the reverse repos being returned now this dramatically lowers the bar for the banks to handle the extremely risky positions on loan that
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11 Jun
FOCKERS!! @CEOAdam is saying according to the accounted shareholders of 4.1 Million we own an average of 120 shares per according to the 501 Million float.

Once they do the votes they will know how many synthetics are actually out there 🤯😳 #AMC #NakedShorts $AMC #AMCSqueeze
He’s giving us the best number we can have 4.1 Mill, so if the votes come out to be say 2 Bill … do the math, you get the FOCKING synthetics! Or He can come out and say the average owns say 365 shares or 800 that also gives you the synthetics, he’s preparing the FOCKING stage!
hat’s doing the “LEGAL” math shareholders at 4.1 Million of 501 Million float ONLY… when we vote if He gets 2 Billon votes … y’all still don’t get it??! if you do 💕 this!!! Smart 🦍
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