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He/Him, Linux/HPC/Cloud admin, TTRPG gamer, ADHD parent with ADHD kids, Mental health advocate, and occasional rambling ranter.
Aug 25, 2021 24 tweets 5 min read
#ADHD and meds is a weird relationship. I have ADHD and forget to get my refills sometimes. To a neurotypical person fixing this involves just calling their doc a day late fixes the problem. To someone with ADHD like mine the problem starts before I forget.

#askadhd The first problem is the disability tax involved. I can't just get a prescription with automatic refills and see my doc every six months or every year. Each and every time I need meds I have to physically go to his office.
Aug 24, 2021 22 tweets 4 min read
Fear isn't reason people aren't getting the vaccine. Well it kinda of is but that's a symptom and not the reason. Let me tell you a story about fear and getting the vaccine.

I have a diagnosed phobia of both medical personnel and shots. #GetVaxxedNOW #VaccinesWork And no a phobia of shots doesn't affect being tattooed. Phobias, by definition, are irrational. This phobia is so bad that when I had a piece of bent metal in my foot that had rotated and wouldn't come out and was in the ER that I was having a panic attack just being there.