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Research candidate in Connective tissue/Osteoimmunology. Strive to apply Baha'i Faith (her/they/them). Side projects: @eds_hub @smbsltpodcast
Nov 21, 2021 • 35 tweets • 21 min read
Heads up to followers on twitter, will be virtually attending the #ESASRBANZBMS conference this week (21-24th Nov) so expect a bunch of tweets with a particularly heavy science bend. Disclaimer: this is by no means an extensive coverage & usually includes personal reflections. /1 So before continuing, I will try to...
- keep everything here in this thread
- share what I snippets I can
- add a number to keep tweets in some order
- respond where possible (but am also engaging in the conference spaces)
- link to papers when I can /2
Nov 19, 2021 • 43 tweets • 14 min read
Attending the school of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences research retreat #PAMRR2021 @Griffith_Uni

Thankfully it's made accessible via Teams for those of us unable to physically attend.

Might share some little insights from the presentations Adding a sprinkling of tags #ScienceTwitter #research #Biology #medicalscience #medtwitter #science
Feb 9, 2021 • 4 tweets • 2 min read
@ZoieSheets Helpful articles that also add the concept of how this can aid in increased clarity/communication:… and…

Far from a perfect solution to the various barriers/traumatic experiences w/n health care - but it can be valuable. /1 @ZoieSheets Especially regarding trust/collaborative exchange with a patient that can allow for productive & enduring change. Makes things less about being "right" & convincing of "knowing best" but rather building a culture of improved informed consent & health literacy. /2