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8 Apr
Simon’s not on Twitter but wanted to get a message out about Paul so here it is:
Not even going to touch the acting. That goes without saying. He was the best in the business.
What’s less well known is that he was also the Platonic ideal of a green room companion: unfailingly generous (with praise, snacks, the Guardian Sport section); unendingly thoughtful (he would set up shop on the floor if he knew there were going to be more actors than chairs in
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6 Apr
Incredibly sad and thoughts are with Polly, Frank and Noah. x

Paul Ritter: Friday Night Dinner star dies of brain tumour at 54…
Thank you for all your messages, they’re a testament to how great an actor Paul was and how many lives he touched. He was the most devastatingly intelligent and conscientious person with an unmatched crossword acumen and an incredible memory.
If he met you once I swear he knew your name for life. Luckily for us he turned such a wonderful mind to bringing life to Martin Goodman for whom he would do whatever it took to make us laugh.
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29 Jun 18
Here’s a far too earnest assessment of going to Russia as an England fan. It has been a phenomenal experience and has made me feel ashamed for ever worrying about coming. It’s clear the narrative of animosity between our two countries only serve those in control of them.
A number of Russians out here have asked me why we hate them because it’s what their media tells them. And it’s what our government tells them when it says we should be scared to go and compares them to the Nazis.
Putin uses this narrative to forge a Mourinho-esque us-against-them mentality, and everytime we feed it we only serve to strengthen him. But it’s obvious on visiting it is not a mentality the majority of the people are keen to embrace.
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