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13 Jun 20
1/ I’m seeing all kinds of ahistorical takes calling slavery the same thing as Nazi Germany concentration camps. “Well both were evil and involved oppression and bad things so...”
Slavery was evil. Yes.
Nazi Germany was evil. Yes.
But the comparisons reveal a greater ignorance of world history and the context of the times than is really able to be explained in a bunch of tweets. The world in which antebellum American slavery existed was the back end of a genuine class structured world.
WE IN 2020 KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THAT. NOTHING. We don’t have a clue.

Nazi Germany happened in modern times post class structured world (by and large) and it was born of pure malice.
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4 Apr 20
I’ll turn these into a thread. Maybe if there’s a thread then we can see the broader picture of this experimental treatment for #COVIDー19:…
From France, two tweets in and we have randomization do we not? Totally different country, different standards, different people:
From Forbes: (Forbes, oddly, has been doing China’s bidding so you can understand their hesitation here but anyway)…
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3 Apr 20
The jist of this whole thing goes this way:
Led by the Trump admin, Republicans and Conservatives took #Covid_19 very seriously.
Led by Pelosi, Democrats and progressives downplayed it, lied about and misled the people on a whole host of vital issues like this👇🏼
Nancy Pelosi has thousands of people come to #Chinatown in order to play politics with the #WuhanVirus. How many thousands were infected simply because of that?…. #Covid_19
Democrats at large slandered @POTUS when he shut down travel from China early on:…
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4 Nov 19
@ByronYork The more I reflect on the transcript the more clear it becomes that the President actually handled vetting the Ukraine in exactly the way it should be handled. He was testing the new President for corruption w/o letting him know he was testing him. Non-threatening and amicable.
@ByronYork He didn’t play his hand and he didn’t tip it either. He just made friends with the guy and then subtly tested him. There’s no such thing as perfect but the call was so far from inappropriate that it’s tempting to call it perfect just to counterbalance the nauseating moralism.
@ByronYork And it is nauseating to listen to all the quasi-wonk, press beholden, politicians throw around words like “inappropriate” while they secretly stand in awe of the President’s foreign policy success. Other’s may have handled the call as well as Trump did, certainly not better.
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3 Nov 19
This isn’t even exaggeration. This is a blatant lie. If Trump exaggerated or used hyperbole he’s a liar of previously unseen consequence. When a Democrat blatantly lies about how they will crushingly tax small business and middle income range employees the big press don’t care.
The PRINCIPLE behind not stealing from those who “have earned” to give to those who “have not” (for whatever reason) SHOULD be the bulwark protecting us from policies like Warren’s theft policies. Instead we are relying on wonkish (and classist) rebuttals of “who will pay”...
As if it’s ok to steal from billionaires just because they’re billionaires. It is not. Classist schemes to force people to pay more (stealing) simply because they “have more” is still bigotry and stealing. Full stop.
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16 Oct 19
On the “Obama gets credit for economy under Trump myth:

Republicans in Congress are the reason Obama’s numbers ticked up in the 2nd half of 1st & his 2nd term...
Almost as soon as R’s took over in 2010 the economy started to rebound from the Bush [Keynesian] recession that Obama had deepened w/ crushing tax hikes via make work programs etc...
You might say to this: “oh, so Trump gets credit for good economy and Obama only gets credit for bad?!? You f—ing hypocrite!”
No, I’m not saying that. Obama gets the credit for the harm he caused and so will Trump is he causes it as some speculate he eventually will...
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23 Jul 19
1/ I believe in keeping kids in #cages for a time; if it means they’re being protected from their traffickers who use them to gain access to the US and rape them on the forced journey here it’s a necessity. @CBP and @ICEgov need time to figure out who they actually belong to.
2/ The press protected Obama from criticism even when he was royally fucking up and bringing great harm to children so you all might not know about this:…
The immediate processing centers are maxed out because the cogs on the Democrat and socialist left think anyone should be able to cross our border freely at any time. They’re sending reps south of the border to coach people on how to sneak in and game the system.
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