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Independent researcher - Immunology. Molecular Bio. Vaccine Science. I'm a Coronavirus defector.
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3 Dec
Here's a thread on mRNA vaccines and their ability (or lack of ability) to edit or alter your DNA. Hopefully this will clear up some common misconceptions on the topic.

To start we need to make a very important distinction when discussing the action of this, or any vaccine.
Every vaccine functions under normal conditions, based upon specific intentional mechanisms (e.g. aluminum adjuvant indented to amplify the immune response).

Every vaccine may also malfunction, or function under abnormal conditions, presumably unintentional (adverse events).
Under normal conditions, the mRNA vaccine is designed to deliver an mRNA payload into the cytoplasm of the cell. From here, the cell will use the mRNA as a blueprint to manufacture proteins. Some proteins are excreted from the cell, others are presented on the surface by MHC-1.
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17 Oct
Let's do a deep dive on coronavirus DNA vaccines. This long thread looks closely at DNA vaccines, and will specifically address their potential to edit the human genome. If you make it through, you will be stunned at what you learn, as things are never as they seem.
There are no less than 8 DNA vaccines in development for Coronavirus, including:

ZyCoV-D by Zydus Cadila
AG0301-COVID19 by AnGes Inc
GX-19 by Genexine
INO-4800 by Inovio
bacTRL-Spike by Symvivo
LineaDNA by Takis Biotech
2 more by ImmunityBio and Sanofi…
DNA vaccines have been used in numerous clinical trails back in the late 90's but have never been approved for use among the general public. They have never been perfected, and should be considered experimental.…
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15 Aug
A 2006 case study looked at the autopsy of a 3 month old female infant who died suddenly after receiving a hexavalent vaccine. After autopsy, damage was observed on the brain stem of the child, specifically the bilateral hypoplasia. (PMID 16231176)

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Bilateral hypoplasia meaning atrophy on both sides due to destruction of some of the elements and not merely to their general reduction in size. More specifically, the brain stem damage was located at the arcuate nucleus.

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The arcuate nucleus is a group of neurons located at the base of the medial plane in the hypothalamus. This cluster of neurons is responsible for regulation of heartbeat. Both pressor and depressor responses can be elicited by the chemical stimulation. (PMID 23260431)

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14 Aug

My intent here is not to be morbid or to fear monger. I am simply being realistic. After almost 8 months, the final pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place. Here is how I believe mandatory vaccines will be logistically implemented in the U.S.
First we must understand mask mandates. Their purpose is basically 4 fold.

1.       Dry run (practice run) - This allows the kinks to be worked out ahead of time, for the wet run.

2.       Conditioning – It’s very important to train people and get them used to obeying orders.
3.       Bait and switch – The media will claim masks are neither healthy nor safe, to nudge people towards the vaccine alternative. You may only remove your mask if you agree to vaccinate, they will say.
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12 Jul
My Coronavirus Vaccine Predictions:

1. Trump will not directly mandate the vaccine, but won't stop it either.

2. Mandates will come at state level. If you're in CA or NY, get out now! All states will jump on the bandwagon eventually.

3. There will be multiple Coronavirus vaccines that make it to market around 2021, including the Moderna 1273.

4. Those who exert sufficient effort can avoid mandates. However, you will be cast out of society and may need to learn micro farming.

5. The private sector will quickly adopt vaccine mandates for both employees and customers. Eventually you may be prohibited from shopping at some stores without proof of vaccination.

6. Mandates come in waves, not all at once. First, targeted cohorts but will expand.

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29 Jun
One of the biggest scams in history is the concept and implementation of so called "Public Health".

Vaccines are actually a sub-scam falling under the greater umbrella of the great public health scam.

Read this thread on the rational behind public health.
There is no such thing as collective health. Only individual health.

The concept of collective (or public) health is an abstract idea. It is not tangible and can be no greater than the sum of its parts, which are the individuals within a given population.
However, by grouping you into this collective, society can rationalize away individual sacrifices.

These sacrifices often manifest in the form of sacrificial killings carried out in the name of the so called "Greater Good".
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10 May
Many wonder why it makes sense to vaccinate a newborn for a sexually transmitted disease. Ask a doctor, and they will likely argue that vaccination can protect the child from disease with mothers testing positive for hepatitis B. But is this really the case?
CDC guidelines recommend that mothers should be tested for hepatitis B antigen in early pregnancy, and that infants born to mothers testing positive should receive vaccination.…
This raises a serious issue because mothers suffering from acute infection will develop antibodies that are transferred across the placenta to the fetus. A mother testing positive in early pregnancy can develop antibodies prior to giving birth.…
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17 Jan
"The Fire of Pharma"

(1 of 6) School vaccine exemptions are fuel for the Fire of Pharma. A slow, controlled, incremental, strategically planned burn (state by state) is key.
(2 of 6) The law of diminishing returns has been carefully considered. If too many states are targeted simultaneously for removal of exemptions, the fire would quickly grow out of hand.
(3 of 6) Consider phase one complete after the brush has been cleared and primary fuel sources depleted. This occurs when all states have suffered loss of school exemptions (or have enacted laws to protect them).
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8 Jul 19
1) This thread details how DTaP and Hib vaccines appear to work synergistically causing ear infections in vaccinated children. One vaccine promotes infection while the other inhibits the appropriate immune response required as a defense.
2) CDC schedule dictates children receive DTaP and Hib vaccines simultaneously on 4 occasions. Studies show that 80 - 90% of children get ear infections before school age; more commonly between 6 - 24 mo. This overlaps temporally with the vaccine regimen described. PMID: 29262176
3) Hib vaccine reduced Haemophilus influenzae serotype B declining from 65% to only 9%. A non-vaccine serotype replaced Hib, called NTHi (non-typeable haemophilus influenzae) increasing to 70%. This phenomenon is generally known as "strain replacement". PMID: 20398617
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5 Jun 19
Here is my private chat with this doctor. I enjoyed it very much!
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9 Apr 19
1. This thread describes in detail a novel mechanism of action induced by the MMR vaccine working synergistically with aluminum adjuvant containing vaccines resulting in autoimmunity and brain damage.
2. In the United States children are typically given an MMR vaccine and aluminum adjuvant containing vaccines at the 12 month well-check visit.…
3. The CDC actually admits here that MMR vaccine does cause brain damage on rare occasions.…
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