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24 Sep
I attended @PICSWFL1 event in Fort Myers #Florida- Well worth the 45 min drive. Of course, don’t expect any media coverage of positive-peaceful & constructive protests like this😉
The thing is: When you are not orchestrated & funded by #Soros and alike, when you are not part of the #DeepState scam, well, then, you’ll hear the crickets when it comes to media coverage.
I was impressed with a few speakers- including the whistleblower nurse Erin and #OakesFarm owner Alfie Oakes. No bs. Straight talk. And of course positive audience keeping the freedom spirit alive.
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22 Sep
“Trump’s TurkeyGate-Part 1: The New Impeachment Front” #TurkeyGate #Trump #Impeachment Full Report Live at Newsbud & Patreon. Watch Preview: ImageImage
You can join my independent communities at #Newsbud and or access my reports via joining my new community at #Patreon
Another Senator joins #Wyden’s #TurkeyGate - - -…

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19 Sep
Okay, here it is: I use #DeepState sites & platforms such as this 1 mainly for announcements. My reports-analyses are mainly 4 my communities. I work 60+ hrs a week 4 my Fact-Based reports. I’d like for anyone who is not part of my communities to UNFOLLOW me. Pls go elsewhere🙏
To make it easier 4 those of you who must #Unfollow me here’s my profiling of #CyberJunkies: Extremely low self-esteem Underachievers, on avg maintaining personal relationship for 15 months, on avg maintaining job/career for 18 months, debt-ridden,poor health, substance-abuse ...
If you are one of those who are offended by my profiling: you are exactly the type who MUST/SHOULD #unfollow me.
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19 Sep
I’ve been working on two investigative reports simultaneously: 1-The #Second #Trump #Impeachment Track Gaining Momentum; 2- China ... 1 Report was ready to go up today (exclusive), BUT An Unexpected New and Explosive info I got today calls for a short “delay” ... Image
My exclusive video report will be published in 5-Part series via my independent platforms at #Newsbud & via #Patreon. Stay Tuned for Part 1 coming out This Sunday. Join my communities if interested in independent fact-based media with integrity. Image
Okay- just learned about #Twitter settings! From now on: My tweets will be displayed only to account who follow me- I’ll read through other restriction steps and implement them.
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17 Sep
No- it is real. A bunch of 6-pack all-the-time high on dope guys saying: “Bill Gates targeting my holy sperms and amazing genes”!!!!
My response to them: your drinking and drugs took care of that long time ago, dude!
Illegitimate sources illegitimizing legitimate causes and facts 😉
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17 Sep
I am not “only” preaching: I am implementing all these action steps, further, I produce reports and actively report facts exposing their Game. These are all actionable items.
You see there are those who are selling Fear-Porn & hysteria encouraging sense of futility & helplessness: “Mandatory vaccine coming!!!” And “They are going to modify our DNA!!” & “We’re all doomed by coming 5G!!”. Then, there are a few who empower and offer action course & hope
Instead of hysteria, tuning in to fear-mothering junk sites, and helpless (we’re all doomed!” Attitude, focus on facts, informing, empowering, and start with simple actions on our everyday lives.
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16 Sep
#CovidCraze #Elections #Riots #BLM #Coup plans to reverse the global rise in #Nationalism, Attempt to Revive #ColdWar Institutions such as #IMF #WorldBank #PharmaTyranny ... Are They All Connected? Is This One Big Plan with Multiple Fronts? My Bird-Eye View & Analyses Say YES! Image
Is it Global? Yes. Is #USA the Epicenter? YES. Is it too late to rise up, counter & stop? NO!!!!
Don’t get drowned in peripheral info & coverage. Don’t get distracted by little symptoms-proposing Junkie sites (MSM, YouTube, Social Media...). Don’t get easily divided by petty illusional sides. Take the macro view & act accordingly.
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14 Sep
Delighted to Report: #OakesFarms Market (#Naples #Florida) Remains Sane & Rational- No fascist #CovidCraze Practices in this institution... remaining true to #constitution #CommonSense & Human Dignity 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
I will no longer patronage #WholeFood or #TraderJoe’s. I can get the best of the best organic produce and much more here at #OakesFarms Market with my dignity, health and constitutional rights intact😊 Image
Inside the market there were people who were wearing masks, and there were others who were Not. See, that is what I call sense & sensibility. #OakesFarms Market, #Naples #Florida: A family-owned ship where integrity & sensibility prevails.
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12 Sep
Just checked the list of countries’ #CovidCraze Measures status (Ok avg we’ve been traveling to 3 countries per year). What a crazy-horrific-miserable state of the world!! Practically no decent options. This is CRAZY BAD!! ImageImageImageImage
#Turkey still open. Although the situation on crazy measures been changing back and forth daily
Meant “on” avg.
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11 Sep
9/11. Government Whistleblowers. The Plan. Documented Facts. Documented Cover-Ups. The Deep State. MSM. Propaganda. 19 years. Accountability? None. Activism? Where? Another One for the “Truth” Blackhole? You tell me. Image
Time to revisit. Time to check the contents in the black-hole. - - - Why was a Sunday Times report on US government ties to al-Qaeda chief spiked?…
Ex-FBI woman says Rice lied…
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7 Sep
Here it is: Unedited & Unplugged- “Covid-Craze Due to An “Innocent Mistake” My A## !!!!!!”
They had a home-run with #CovidCraze- Now they’ll be treating every flu as “Pandemic”. The desired reaction, or actually, the lack of warranted reaction, by the public gave them the home-run.- - - @AJENews
This is the question I kept asking while in Turkey- what was offered behind the scenes to have these nations, already economically at default point, to go along with #CovidCraze- - - Belarusian Offered $940M by IMF & World Bank to Introduce Quarantine,…
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4 Sep
#Breaking Report: “Mob Boss in #Argentina Holds A Key to Russian Ambassador #Karlov’s Assassination in #Turkey” This bombshell case is completely blacked out by #MSM . Watch & Share Full Exclusive Report Open-to-All:
My followers in #Argentina: disseminate this report and make noise- #Kurtulus is a target of assassination while in jail in Argentina. Let’s not make it easy for them to send this explosive case into a #Blackhole😉
The real question is: Does #Putin really want to know the real story/case in Russia Ambassador #Karlov assassination? For some reason #Russia’s own investigation into this blatant assassination was dropped. Will #Russians pressure their Gov now- with this expose? Image
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3 Sep
#Breaking Report- “The Hush-Hushed FBI Investigation in Argentina on the Assassination Plot Targeting American Pastor” Full Report Live at #Newsbud & via #Patreon. Preview Here:
After #Lebanon & #Belarus here comes #Bulgaria. Of course the designed #riots in USA. Which countries likely to follow the suit? As analyzed & forecasted in my reports months ago: #Turkey & #Hungary (Orban Admin targeted).… #
Currently working on a follow-up Breaking report on this with geopolitical implications for #Turkey #Russia #USA ... My #FBI sources have confirmed the agency’s direct involvement with the case- including possible extradition of #Kurtulus to U.S. Stay Tuned ... Image
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31 Aug
With All Due Respect: I was there during March-June #Lockdown. All shopping malls (& the stores in them) were closed; almost all other shops (non-food related) were shot down. All restaurants/cafes other than some takeout) ... all hotels... in fact, other than grocery all closed
While there, comparing notes with my contacts here in US, it was far worse and beyond and above anything they were facing here in many common sense states. I even got 700+ TL by military police for having my 11 yr old daughter in the backseat of my car on the road!!!!
When we got here late May, it was like finding freedom and being able to feel like humans after 3 months of around the clock 24X7 lick-down curfew for my husband and daughter. And they did all this in this small city of #Fethiye with no more than 2 positive cases!!
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30 Aug
“Supporting Joe #Biden- Here’s What It Means with Indisputable FACTS (All in Bold!)- Watch & Share to Inform on the “Real #JoeBiden !
Also, my disclaimer in “Bold”: This report is Funded/Sponsored by Neither “R” or”D”. I am neither a “R” or “D”. My public track record goes back “Two Decades”- it is out there for all to see/check out.
I have to say this a Point where any American who values peace and liberties should say enough is enough. They’ve exhausted the undeserved tolerance and patience level. Enough is enough. No? Enough is enough.
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30 Aug
I have a related video report for tomorrow. But, meanwhile, how could anyone expect support or enthusiasm for the party and candidate that been openly funding & supporting all the thievery-thuggery-violence riots around the country?! Now reality-check this Mr. Moore😉
From #Biden’s war-mongering record (with several “actual wars” under his belt”, to, regime-change & coups: no rational person can be expected to show “enthusiasm” or support. Pls realty-check this one ad well.
Further “reality-check” item for your list: #Biden’s abysmal record on human rights, government transparency and Gov whistleblowers with integrity. And there you have it: Zero to subzero chance for voters” “enthusiasm”.
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29 Aug
In solidarity with the attendees in #Berlin Germany today who stand for human integrity and against #Covid Fascism
In solidarity with all attendees in #London UK protest against #Covid Fascism- and standing for human integrity & freedom!- - -
... and hope to see massive protests here in #USA- attended by all #Americans who value freedom-integrity and their rights guaranteed under the US Constitution. There are tens of millions of us- we can defeat this #Covid Fascism brought to us by the #NWO #DeepState!! Image
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25 Aug
@the Most Telling #RNC Episode: #Trump Preempting A New Cooked-Up Gate?” Watch the full report at #Newsbud and or via #Patreon. Preview here:
Here it is- after my report yesterday: Republicans Turn to Rescued Hostages to Highlight Trump Foreign Policy…
#EastMed Tensions & #Turkey: Imminent Threats? Wag-the-Dog opportunity? Timed for the coming #Trump-#Biden election amidst #TurkeyGate plans? In the past 2+ months I’ve published multiple reports on all this & more.- - -…
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21 Aug
“Guess Who’s Suing #Trump over Alleged #Khashoggi Killing ... Hmmmm... And Why Now!” Full report via #Newsbud & #Patreon. Preview Here:
Those of you interested in independent journalism- not dependent on the #DeepState platforms such as YT/FB, can join my info portal (operating since 2009) at #Newsbud
You can also access some of my reporting via my new community here at #Patreon: Join me on Patreon!
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21 Aug
“Head of #Israel’s Intel Agency-#Mossad Declares the Most Dangerous Nation ... And It Isn’t #Iran!!”- #Breaking Report via my #Newsbud & #Patreon communities. Preview here:
In case my pinned tweet is not clear to some: The full report is available only via my channels and servers independent from #DeepState platforms. Not intended for #YouTube junkies. Those interested in independent media join me at #Newsbud and or #Patreon. Image
Join me on Patreon!
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17 Aug
#Turkey: #Biden Factor, Incidents, Tensions & Wagging the Dog!”60 Min Long Exclusive In-Depth Analysis at #Newsbud and via #Patreon. Watch Preview Here:
Those of you interested in fact-based geopolitical & political analyses and reports can join me at #Newsbud and or #Patreon where independent reporting with integrity matters.
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