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Ice skater. Artist. Phd student. Obsessed with cute boots, funny socks, fiction books, and Sci-fi. Kinda live tweeting Ontario's provincial pressers.
7 Apr
We are in the government building for the provincial presser today.

As it should be everyday. Ridiculous that the Premier is usually out and about at different locations each time.
By we I obviously mean the cpac people. I am in my home.

As we all should be if possible, to protect those who can't.
It's 2:42 where is the Premier
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6 Apr
The premier of Ontario is giving a press conference at 1:00PM ET - in 8 minutes.

I have a zoom meeting partway through it, but I'll tweet whatever I can until then. Hopefully the Premier will be on time.
The location of today's circus.
The presser is at a vacination clinic. The lady in charge says the clinic has been continuously booked since it opened. 👍
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2 Aug 20
This is an example of political discourse becoming less civil? Also shocking?
What was this then? "Notley's office was alerted by an insurance company specializing in pre-planned funerals that a funeral home had received a completed application in the premier's name — for her own funeral."…
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