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German teacher • PhD student • (critical) applied linguistics & language ed • working on native-speakerism in DaF • infovore • 🎵🐱🖼️🌈 • she/her • own views
17 Dec 18
16/ NOTE: I seem to have waited too long to add more tweets to my previous thread - Thus, this is a continuation of my prior thread below. Read on for more German language literary recommendations! :D
2.9 “Deutschlandlied" by Fallersleben (1841). The text of the anthem since 1922 & w/ a history of (mis)use (from the Nazis 'DE Über Alles' to 'Einigkeit, Recht & Freiheit' now as Germany’s unofficial motto), this poem is a divisive national(istic) symbol
2.10 „Deutschland. Ein Wintermärchen“ by Heine (1844). For advanced readers, this epic political satire on an emigrant's trip to Hamburg (censored for ‘betraying the Fatherland’ -only increasing its fame!) uses witty+figurative lang. to craft a masterpiece
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16 Dec 18
THREAD. Hi! Are you learning German? Have you ever wondered what you could read to help you expand your German-language and culture skills?? If so, read on for a list of #topbooksforGermanlearners! #lernendurchlesen #lesenlernenliteratur #deutschlernen #DaF #lesenistleben
1/ Some background. I’m a German teacher/PhD student at @UWaterloo. I chose works based on 1) appropriateness for learners 2) variety of genres/forms 3) importance to German-speaking culture(s) & 4) variety of topics (hopefully) interesting for you! #lernendurchlesen
2/ All were originally in German, tho you may recognize a few worldwide hits. This isn’t to say don't read works translated into German, it’s actually a great language learning strategy! #HPorLOTRaufdeutschmachtspaß. A few further ideas here #lernendurchlesen
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